Upgrade Your Soul. Read These Advanced Manifestation Tips

Are you an expert at manifestation or just looking to learn more?

At a deeper, primordial level, most humans recognize that we are more than just bones clothed in a meat suit. At the core, most people resonate with the idea that we are fundamentally spiritual beings having a human experience. 

However, through millions of years of social conditioning, we have forgotten our true infinite and magnificent nature. We have forgotten the power we have to bend reality and to bring to being anything we desire.

In this article, you will learn how to tap into your soul’s energy. You’ll manifest not just in the short-term but more importantly, in the long-term. 

Manifestation: Involve All Your Senses When Visualizing 

Visualization is among the most important body of work you will do as part of the manifestation process. Visualization raises your vibrational frequency. It allows you to see the dream, and lets you savor the feeling of already having what you desire. 

At its most basic level, the technique involves sitting in silence, closing your eyes, and picturing your dream even for just a few minutes. This is a great place to start. However, to upgrade your manifestation powers, you will have to learn how to engage all your senses.

Emotion or feelings regulate our vibrational frequency. We communicate with the Universe through our emotions. The stronger our emotions around a certain issue, the stronger our vibrations. Then, the clearer the message we send to the Universe about our desires.

Manifestation masters not only use their sense of sight to visualize their dream. They engage other senses such as sound, smell, and touch too to paint the most vivid picture of their dream. So, whatever it is you want to manifest, how does it look like? What would it feel like if you were to touch it with your hands, what does the environment smell like?

It is said that if you can see it, then you can have it. The more vividly you can see your dreams, the more you increase your manifestation power. So do not just stop at the level of sight; maximize all the senses you have been granted to create the life you deserve. 

Visualize from Different Perspectives

In addition to engaging all their senses to paint a vivid picture of their dream, manifestation masters have learned how to visualize from different perspectives to invigorate the manifestation process.

What does it mean to visualize from a different perspective? The basic visualization technique involves imagining yourself in the situation you want to manifest, doing the things you desire. This is visualization from the first-person perspective.

A powerful way to take your manifestation game to the next level is to shift your visualization to the third-person perspective so that you would be outside looking in. As an observer, you would see yourself the way others would see you living your dream. 

Combined with the multi-sensory visualization, the third-party visualization can transform you into a master manifester. This enables you to not only manifest short-term goals but long-term ones too as well with ease.

If you are used to visualizing from the first person, changing to other perspectives might take some time getting used to. However, with practice, you should be able to alternate visualization perspectives at will.

Participate in Continual Self-Inquiry

A large part of the spiritual journey and manifestation process involves continuously challenging your beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs are always lingering in the background. A lot of them lay latently in the subconscious mind waiting for the right opportunity to creep up on you and sabotage your efforts. 


A big reason why many people are unable to manifest their dream lifestyle, in spite of wanting that lifestyle, is they are unaware of their limiting beliefs and the role these beliefs play in the manifestation process. 

What is really great about continuous self-inquiry is that it shines the light of awareness on limiting beliefs. This allows you to call them out instead of letting them hold you hostage. 

By identifying and questioning your limiting beliefs, you give less and less power to these beliefs. In many ways, self-inquiry allows you to find out the truth about yourself—that your negative thoughts do not define you and at the core, you are a wonderful being, worthy of love. 

You will know that you have limiting beliefs around a certain issue if your best efforts to improve always come short. Inevitably, clearing your limiting beliefs is the first step toward manifesting the things, people, or experiences you might have struggled to manifest in the past. 

There are different methods of self-inquiry and clearing your belief system. A good place to start is with a simple process such as this one: 

Manifestation Tips: Follow This Process

  1. Identify something you want to manifest or you have been struggling to manifest 
  2. Using simple sentences, capture your thoughts about the thing you want to manifest
  3. Next, isolate each thought and ask yourself these questions: 
  4. Is this thought true and can I be absolutely sure that it is true? Answer yes or no 
  5. What is your reaction when you believe that thought? How does it feel to believe that thought? What do you think about yourself when you believe that thought?
  6. Who would you be without that thought? Envision what life would be like if you were to let go of that thought and not let it define you
  7. What is the opposite of that thought? Is it truer or as true as the original thought?

This process can apply to any area of your life you might be struggling with or something you have been trying to manifest for a while. 

The last part of this process allows you to see yourself without the limiting belief that is holding you back and to replace the belief with a powerful affirmation that reminds you of the Truth. 

Manifestation masters are not victims of their negative, ego-based thoughts. Rather, they have mastered the art of questioning these thoughts and transcending beliefs that could keep them from the Highest Truth. 

Practice Gratitude Journaling

The power of gratitude is well-documented. Not only does it improve physiological well-being but it also elevates one’s mental state. It promotes feelings of happiness and optimism.


What you manifest will largely depend on what you are feeling. Subsequently, your feelings influence your vibrational frequency and the Universe will send to you those things, people, and experiences that match your vibrational frequency. 

Feeling and expressing appreciation for the wonderful things you already have in your life not only improves your mood and shifts your perspective; it also elevates your vibrational frequency, which positions you to attract and manifest more of the good things into your life. 

In a super competitive and comparative world where nothing ever seems to be enough, feeling thankful for what you have can often be difficult. What separates manifestation masters from the rest is their ability to elevate their vibrational frequency simply by sending out appreciative vibes.

Acknowledge Abundance

Gratitude is an acknowledgment of abundance. It is about you counting your blessings and instead of seeing lack, want, and hardship, you are choosing to see all the pretty cool people, experiences, and things you have been blessed with. 

Does this mean you should only be grateful when things are good or for good things only? Here is an important truth: To experience the real power of gratitude, you must practice unconditional appreciation. This requires going past the intellectual conceptualization of gratitude to a heart-centered form of gratitude that knows that sometimes what seems like bad circumstances can actually be good for us. 

Realize that you can feel uncomfortable and still be grateful. This can be a difficult concept to understand from the human/ego’s point of view. But, when you make gratitude your way of life, you can live more authentically by acknowledging the reality of things (instead of pretending that the bad things do not exist) 

If you want to be deliberate about feeling appreciation, start a gratitude journal. The idea is to write at least three things you are thankful for, preferably on a daily basis. You can be thankful for something as simple as the food in your fridge and the clothes in your closet.

Every day, before journaling, practice taking deep breaths to ground yourself before writing down at least five experiences from your day you are thankful for. 

Other ways of expressing gratitude include:

  • Saying thank you to people who serve you, a colleague who does you a favor, your partner or a family member
  • Writing down the things you appreciate the most about yourself 
  • Refraining from complaining or judging 
  • Each morning, be thankful for the brand-new day 

Make Mindfulness Part of Your Lifestyle 

Silence is the seat of the soul. Most people who have tried it will admit that sitting in silent meditation is among the most profound experiences they have had. 


Mindfulness through meditation can elevate your manifestation capabilities by helping you to reign in on negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. By quieting your mind, you can bring yourself to that state of receiving. 

Meditation is also a powerful visualization technique that lets you see and most importantly, feel your way to the experiences you want to manifest.

To enjoy the benefits of meditation, you do not have to sit in silence for hours. Just ten to fifteen minutes of regular meditation can be enough to achieve a state of mindfulness. 

Develop an Abundance Mindset 

Do you believe there is enough for everyone or are you afraid of not getting your portion of the pie?

Do you believe that you deserve good things and that what is yours will come to you or do you believe that others are always trying to undercut you and that good things do not usually come your way?

Your perception of the world shapes your reality. Whatever you believe, you will see it with your own eyes. When you understand your true nature as a powerful creator, you begin to see the abundance that surrounds you. 

Choose to see the world in a more positive light and you will easily manifest your desires. In fact, an abundance mindset is the least resistant path to attracting your desired outcome. 

Create A Positive Space All Around You

You are a being surrounded by a vortex of energy. As such, your environment and the quality of energy around it will influence what you manifest or your ability to manifest your desired outcome. 

Master manifesters are always striving to maintain a Life-sustaining environment or spaces that nurture the soul. An important first step is cutting the cord with negative company; as they say, you are a product of the five people you hang out the most with. 

Ask yourself: Are your relationships toxic or are they nourishing to your mind, soul, and overall well-being? To clear your energy and experience the best of what your soul has lined up for you, you must remove yourself from relationships that work against you and not for you.

To upgrade your manifestation power, it is also helpful to create physical space in your life for the things you want. For example, declutter and let go of things that do not mean anything to you. Clutter is a sure way to trap negative energy, therefore, blocking the free flow of positive energy into your space. By decluttering, you are releasing negative obstructions and letting in positive vibes. 

Manifestation Tips Summary

Even though you might have forgotten, abundance, infinite potential, and love are your birthright. Your soul, your Higher Self, is always supporting your highest good. Nurture it through gratitude, self-love, and mindfulness and you will manifest the life you deserve and more. As you do so, remember that Divine Guidance is always available to you so you do not have to feel like you are going at it all alone. 

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