Manifest a New Mindset, Install Positive Habits and Enhance your Lifestyle

Do you have many positive habits?

Or, do you find yourself wanting to achieve a certain goal only for you to act in a way that contradicts what you want? 

Do you find yourself climbing out of your bad habits only to fall back again?

Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of bad habits that are keeping you from living your best life?

Whether you want a great body, financial stability, or an amazing partner, the lifestyle you desire all starts in our mind. It literally is all in your head!

What do successful people have in common? Consistently positive habits and a success mindset. And because like attracts like, according to the Law of Attraction, these people attract more and more success and positive things into their lives. 

positive habits

It goes without saying, that if you want to manifest more of the good things, you have to work on your mindset so that you can stop sabotaging yourself and start building the life you deserve. 

This guide will show you how to manifest your desired lifestyle by changing your mindset and adopting positive habits. 

Positive Habits: What Has Mindset Got to Do with It?

What do you believe is possible for you? The answer to that question will depend on your mindset and how you make sense of the world. 

Your mindset and the habits it produces is fundamentally a product of your belief system. A belief system that is founded in self-limiting beliefs will manifest a restricted mindset that breeds bad habits.

positive habits

Your belief system is largely a product of your upbringing but all the experiences you go through as you grow up and even in adulthood mold your belief system. Your belief system is a mindset you develop and hold on to keep you safe at that moment. 

Unfortunately, we hold onto some of our limiting beliefs longer than is necessary. For this reason, you might find yourself trapped in a cycle of old patterns and bad habits that set you back from living your best life. 

Self-sabotage is the perfect definition of this pattern. Self-sabotage is any behavior done consciously or subconsciously that contradicts who you are or what you want and undermines your forward progress. 

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight and get into shape. So, you start going to the gym and eating cleaner food. Self-sabotage happens when you find yourself suddenly eating too much junk food once, twice, thrice and then you can no longer help yourself. Then the cycle goes on and on. 

Behind every self-sabotaging behavior manifested as a bad habit is a limiting belief. The reason why overcoming bad habits and replacing them with good ones can be so difficult is we are sometimes unaware of our self-limiting beliefs. 

So, these beliefs just end up playing in the background and influencing our behaviors and our entire life without us even knowing about them. 

If you have ever tried to clean up and get a hold of your financial life but you never seem to attain the abundance you desire, your limiting beliefs are likely causing you to engage in behavior that is sabotaging your efforts to attain financial stability.

In the end, it is clear to see that the life you desire really starts with your mindset. A shift in your mindset will cause a shift in your life. 

Becoming Aware of Limiting Beliefs

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs is the first step to enhancing your lifestyle. When you are aware, you no longer attract experiences unconsciously. Rather, you gain control, all along understanding the power you have to overcome limiting beliefs and bad habits. 

positive habits

Limiting beliefs literally put a limit to the quality of life you can possibly enjoy. They are like a red line beyond which you cannot go unless you shine awareness onto them and address them. 

You will know you have a limiting belief around a certain area in your life if, in spite of all your efforts, you continue to struggle in that particular area. The struggle is typically in the form of self-defeating behaviors that serve to keep you trapped in a pattern of bad habits. 

The good news is that you can rise above your limiting beliefs and therefore free yourself from self-defeating habits that are keeping you from living your best life. 

Here is an exercise you can perform to help you shine awareness on your self-limiting beliefs and overcome them: 

First, choose one area in your life you want to improve. Several areas in your life might require improving but start with one. This could be anything from your health, money, job, relationships, etc.

Next, take some time and think about how you feel about this particular sphere of your life. Identify any limiting beliefs or feelings of anxiety that come up when you think about this topic. For example, say you want to improve the work sphere of your life. What are your limiting beliefs around work?

Examples could be: 

  • No pain, no gain 
  • Bad office politics are presents in every workplace 
  • I am not skilled enough for a salary raise 
  • Salary raises only happen to men/women/younger people/older people
  • Work should not be enjoyable 
  • Employers are out to take advantage of me
  • You cannot get a good job unless you are connected 
  • Jobs are hard to come by 

At face value, these statements might look like ‘truth’. However, this is the thing with limiting beliefs—they limit you to only one way of seeing the world. This makes change difficult because after all, you do not see anything that needs changing. 

When you see such statements or thoughts for what they are (limiting beliefs) you will begin to look at your actions critically and see that your work sphere is a self-prophetic manifestation of your beliefs. 

Next, approach your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors with kindness. Thank them for being in your life because they were there intending to protect you and, in some way, they did even though they no longer serve you. 

This is such an important step because gratitude and kindness eliminate any negative energy from the process of clearing your limiting beliefs. Approaching yourself with kindness also elevates your vibrations and empowers you. 

Next, forgive and let go. You pick up limiting beliefs from the various experiences you have with the people who come into your life. These include close family members, peers, colleagues, and others. 

It is time to forgive yourself and everyone who might have contributed to your limiting beliefs and cycle of negative habits. They also did not know any better. Now, let go of any bitterness or ill feelings you might have toward these people. 

Lastly, replace your limiting beliefs with affirmations. Examples of affirmations to replace your limiting beliefs around work could be: 


  • am well compensated for working smart 
  • deserve to work in a healthy and supportive company
  • have the skills to earn a fair salary raise
  • deserve a salary raise 
  • am capable of finding work that I fully enjoy
  • deserve to work at a place where my employer values me
  • have what it takes to land my dream job
  • know the right job is coming my way

Affirmations are a powerful way to recondition your subconscious mind. This can install new positive habits. When you are thinking in positive terms likes these, you are less likely to self-sabotage. Instead, these affirmations will attract experiences that match their vibrational frequency. This will help you to enhance this particular area of your life. 

You can use this process to improve any spheres of your life where limiting beliefs might be holding you back. Do not worry if you experience some resistance as you undertake this exercise. Resistance is inevitable when you are trying to change. Trust your True Self, which is capable of making the right choices and is always working for you. 

Attracting Positive Habits to Improve Your Life 

As you illuminate your limiting beliefs with awareness and recondition your mind by replacing self-limiting beliefs with affirmations, you can invite the Universe to help you manifest positive habits. 

Habits are the sum of the daily actions or behaviors we engage in. The right positive habits will propel you toward the life you desire while bad ones will sabotage all your efforts. 

Here is an exercise you can use to manifest positive habits and improve any area of your life: 

State Your Intention 

Start with declaring your desires to the Universe. This could be something you have been struggling with for some time or something that is keeping you from enjoying your best life. 

An example of an intention could be: “I desire work that feels effortless, fulfilling, makes the best use of my capabilities, and pays me well.”

State the intention aloud or write it down and contemplate on it. 

Raise Your Vibrations

Remember, you attract the things, people, and experiences that match your vibrational frequency, no exceptions. When you are conscious of the vibrations you are sending out at any given time, you will attract positive vibes. 

To raise your vibrations, simply do things that bring you joy. If possible, do enjoyable things related to the kind of positive habits you want to cultivate and the lifestyle you desire.  

For example, if you desire to manifest fulfilling work that pays you well, engage in positive habits or activities that will help you to experience the kind of joy you would feel if your dream job were already manifest.  

For example, you can volunteer your time toward a cause you care about or take up opportunities to do work that is meaningful to you even if you are not being paid for it yet. 

This does not mean you should be contented doing unpaid work but by putting yourself in situations that allow you to do fulfilling work, you raise your vibrations and set yourself a step closer to manifesting your desires. 

Cultivate a Winning Mindset 

Do not let your struggles hold you hostage. It is easy to feel like the victim but the truth is, you are a powerful creator and you created your current reality. This means you can create a different reality too!

Creating a winning mindset is really about watching your inner dialogue. Your ego might manifest in the form of negative thoughts that will try putting you down. 

Whether you are looking to do fulfilling work or to get in shape, prepare to go up against negative thoughts. Watch what these thoughts are saying to you and counter them with positive affirmations that empower you and speak to the truth about who you really are—a powerful creator. 

For example, as you seek out fulfilling work or try to align your habits to set you up for doing work you love, your thoughts might tell you things like, you do not deserve that kind of work, you are not good enough, that is too much to ask for, such work does not exist, etc.

You have the choice to become a victim and listen to these thoughts or emerge as a winner and speak positive affirmations over your life. 

Positive Habits Summary 

Living the life of your desires all starts in the mind. You manifest what you think about and focus on the most. Fortunately, you have the power to change your thoughts and therefore change your lifestyle. 

Start by becoming aware of your limiting beliefs and take steps to clear these beliefs to give way to a new mindset, which will yield new habits 

Remember, you are not alone in this. Ask the Universe to help you attract a winning mindset so you can manifest your desires, and then stay open to receiving that which you asked for. 

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