5 Powerful Strategies for Becoming a Master Self Creator

Are you a self creator?

Or do you feel like a victim of your own circumstances?

self creator

You are not alone.

Many of us go through life feeling like outside circumstances or external forces are in control. We feel we are just passive spectators getting by. 

However, this thinking could not be further from the truth. The truth is that every minute, you (not something or someone else) are creating your reality. Yes, you are a powerful creator whether or not you know it.  

When you connect the dots and critically look at the sequence of events, you will realize that the sum total of your life is your own creation. This is not meant as criticism or passing on blame but as a liberating truth. 

Creation is happening moment by moment and you are at the center of this unfolding. The good news is that you can become aware of your nature as a self creator. You can understand the process of creation. As such, you can consciously start to build the life you want. 

You will come to the powerful realization that how you want to experience life is not beyond your control; you can actually bring it to reality. This is what becoming a master creator means

In this article, you will learn how the creative process works. You’ll learn what you can do to become a master creator and intentionally change your life. 

How Does the Process of Becoming a Self Creator Work?

The first and most important step to becoming a master creator is becoming aware of how the process of creation actually works.

Our outside circumstances are as they are because of the creative process. The entire Universe works on the assumption that human beings already know that we are powerful creators. 

self creator

Creation is happening every moment, whether or not you are aware of it. What separates master creators with the rest is that they are aware of their power to create their own reality. 

The process of creation happens through vibrations. According to physics, everything is energy. You might want to look at vibrations as energetic signals through which we communicate with the Universe or the spiritual realm.

An important attribute of vibrations is that they are magnetic. According to the universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like. The vibrations you send out to the Universe will attract experiences that are at a similar vibrational level. 

We send out vibrations with our thoughts, intentions, and most importantly, feelings. The Universe then receives these signals. It presents them back in the form of physical opportunities. We can choose these depending on the experiences we want to have. 

The good news is that, at any given moment, we can choose the vibrations we send out to the Universe. Therefore, we can have the opportunities and experiences we desire.

This is precisely how the process of creation works. In essence, you are a self creator, working with the Universe, moment by moment, to manifest the experiences in your life.

Here are five powerful ways to become a master self-creator:

1.    Realize That You Are Part of The Universe  

To tap into the powerful ability as a self creator, you must first come to terms with the fact that you are part of something bigger. Whether you call that ‘something’ God, Spirit, Universe or your preferred deity, you are an essential part of it and you are always co-creating with it. 

One reason why manifesting and creating the life we want might seem so difficult sometimes is that we think we are all alone and we have to do everything on our own. 

The Truth is, you are never alone, even if you wanted to be. By virtue of your birth, you are part of the Universe; there is no escaping from it! But this is not a bad thing. Because you are not alone, it means that you have the help, (at a spiritual level) you need to co-create every bit of your life. 

Many of us think there is “The Universe” and then there is us. That is faulty thinking. Here is the thing: you are part of The Universe just in the same way a drop of seawater is part of the Sea.

Have you heard of the saying that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience? The entire accumulation of your life is because of the co-creative process between your physical self and spiritual self. 

It is as though your spiritual self takes the thoughts and intentions you are sending out. It transforms them into tangible forms to be experienced by your physical self. 

The realization that you are part of the Universe will assure you that you are indeed a powerful creator. You are not an object to whom things are passively happening. 

2.    Take Inspired Action and Let Go 

The concept of creation itself implies doing or acting. There is no denying the fact that if you want something, you must take certain steps to get it. This is no matter how small or mundane those steps are. 

self creator

However, the reason why some people seem to get things more easily or their life seems to be working more seamlessly is that they take inspired action, not just any action, whether or not they know it. 

Taking inspired action is about turning inwards, listening to that inner voice and having faith that the Universe has your back. Nothing is wrong with planning and goal setting but to put the Law of Attraction into motion, you also have to practice surrender and learn to trust the process. 

How does this work?

As a self creator, you have to take action but you also have to acknowledge that you are co-creating with the Universe, of which you are a part. 

So, if you want a new car, for example, you set the intentions about the type, brand, color, and price range you desire and you go about your day to day life. This might include doing normal things such as working and saving some money, window-shopping, learning about car financing options, etc. These things are largely in your control.  

The exact way that your dream car will come to you is not entirely in your control and that is where you have to let go and trust the Universe to do its part in the creation process. 

To be intentional about your actions, you need to practice self-awareness. You need to be deeply in touch with yourself. This way, you will be in a better position to hear the Universe’s subtle whispers and nudges guiding you in the right direction, which makes achieving your goals easier and faster. 

3.    Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Creation works at an energetic level. The way you feel physically, mentally and emotionally has a profound effect on the kind of energy you are emitting to the universal consciousness. 

Unwellness of any kind, whether physiological or psychological is a manifestation of negative energy. Because like energy attracts like energy, less than optimal health can attract less than optimal living conditions.

Wellness is our natural state. As such, abundance, not lack, is the natural state of our lives here on earth. Everything else, including sickness, poverty, and want are deviations from the natural state. 

It goes without saying that to truly create the life that you desire your wellbeing must reflect this and be in tiptop shape. This does not mean that you should blame yourself for being sick and therefore not being unable to create your desired reality. 

The point here is to practice self-love and self-care; be good to yourself first because when you are feeling good about yourself, attracting good things to your life becomes so much easier. 

Taking care of your wellbeing does not have to be difficult: get adequate sleep, exercise, and healthy food. Also, feed your mind with positive and empowering information, whether that is from the company you keep, the books you read, or what you watch.

4.    Make Peace with Now

Now is the only point from which you can create. The master self creator understand and have made peace with something profound: Now is the only time there is. 

Although we humans operate linearly and experience time in terms of the past and the future, there is no such thing as the future and or the past, except in our heads.

To be sure, we all have thoughts about the past but whatever happened back then no longer exists. We also spend a great deal of time thinking about the future in the form of goal setting, planning and anticipating. While this is all well and good, the truth is the future has not come to be yet. 

All you are left with is Now. 

The problem with dwelling too much on the past is that we often do not remember it as it was and even if we do, we tend to create a certain narrative about it that can sometimes leave us feeling helpless, like a victim of our own circumstances, or disempowered—all the opposite of a master self creator.

What’s really great about accepting the present moment and acknowledging this is all there is, is that you can let go of all forms of resistance that could make it difficult to create what you desire. Resistance is like a block on the road; removing the block makes the journey much easier and your destination closer.

Surrendering to the now also builds another attribute: Awareness. When you bring your thoughts and feelings to the present, it simply means you can watch and shift them accordingly to create higher, positive vibrations. 

So, every time you find yourself entangled in thoughts and feelings about your past or worried about the future, stop and shift your attention to your present moment because now is the only place you can create the future you are so desirous of.

5.    Get Absolutely Clear About What You Want

Remember that the Universe acts on the signals you send out and presents you with the opportunities and experiences that align with those signals. 

It goes without saying that for you to physically manifest the experiences you want; you must send out very clear signals. 

A major reason why so many of us are unhappy with how our lives look like is we are unclear about what we want and are therefore sending out mixed signals. Unsurprisingly, the Universe gives you back mixed experiences and opportunities in equal measure. 

In addition to being intentional about what you want, you must also picture how the experience you desire would feel like. 

It is said that thoughts become things but that is not the entire story. What helps our thoughts to become things are the feelings that accompany those thoughts; feelings are the vibrational frequencies that we send out to the Universe.

So, while you should definitely get clear about the kind of car or partner you want, you should primarily focus on how it would feel like to have your dream car or your dream partner.

Coincidently, embodying the feeling of your desired experiences helps you to become clear on what you want. You are telling the Universe in no uncertain terms: “This is what I want; this is what I want to experience.”

 Some tips to help you set powerful intentions:

  • Write down your ideal life in a journal; you can be as modest or as wild as you like but be very specific 
  • Visualize your ideal life: Take a minute or two to really feel what it would be like to have the exact life you want 
  • Let it go: Do not worry about how what you want will come to you. By setting clear and powerful intentions, you have done your part as a co-creator


There is no secret to becoming a creator. You are already a powerful creator. This is a powerful realization because by becoming aware of your true nature, you can intentionally create the life you want as opposed to feeling like a victim. 

To tap into your power as a creator, set clear intentions, visualize and feel your ideal life at a deep level, and then take inspired action to manifest your desires. You are creating at all times; creating consciously takes your manifestation game to the next level. 

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