Future-Self Friday: You Can’t Manifest as the Same Person You are Being Now

OK, so it’s been ages since I wrote a blog post on either here or Saudi Diva. You can sign up to my other blog where I’m more active here. Also, my ebook is finally coming out soon on that website, so you can stay updated for when it’s out by joining the newsletter.

The reason for my extended Hiatus is that I was in Bali for six months. Early in my trip (sometime in August), my ‘vintage’ MacBook crashed. It wasn’t ready until my last few weeks on the island. That’s when I was in Ubud. In my last week, when I stayed at a hotel near the airport, I managed to finally collect the repaired laptop on exactly my last day in Bali!

I’m so grateful and happy that I got it fixed, because I don’t bother with ICloud and I like to keep backups on external hard disks or USB sticks. I’m now writing from that same MacBook and I just love having access to my old documents and web browser bookmarks.

The past six months were truly memorable, because they helped me level up to a new dimension of myself.

Basically, I met a Balinese family next to the Airbnb where I stayed for the entire month of August. They are three generations living together. I’ll write more about this experience on my other blog Saudi Diva.

The young parents have three children and one of them is a four year-old named Gladis. We ended up spending so much time together and they were all in tears when I left.

How Does this Relate to Manifestation

Because I was raised in a toxic home environment, where there was emotional and verbal abuse and where love didn’t exist, I didn’t know how to tune into the feelings of being loved and loving another person.

When I met lovely Gladis, I healed a part of me that still needed attention. Apart from healing my inner child (which is a huge thing), I also managed to become someone who is more connected to others and to my own feelings.

For the first time, I could understand the meaning of pure, true love. And it was all thanks to a Balinese toddler.

There’s so much to share about this story and I already shared a lot on my Twitter. So you can follow me there if you’re interested to know more.

For today’s blog post topic, I wanted to share a very important tip for manifesting.

The tip is that the person who you are today can’t manifest your dream life or relationship. I know that no one wants to hear this and I also didn’t like it when I heard it, not too long ago. But sadly it’s true.

What this means is that there’s a lack somehow in who you’re being that’s blocking your desire from showing up in your reality.

Because who you’re being isn’t aligned with your future self or dream life.

Let me explain. Because I grew up in a toxic home where emotions or love were unheard of, I didn’t know how to connect to others on a deeper level, how to feel my range of feelings, how to love and to be open to receiving love. All these things were totally foreign to me.

What happened over the six months helped me open up to receiving love, connecting with others on a deeper level, honoring all my emotions including the negative ones, tune into the vibration of love and intimacy. It’s so powerful!

I’m not saying that I’m now someone completely open and loving without boundaries. I’m so far from that.

What I’m saying is that I’m not the same person who I was before this six-month move. I was disconnected from my feelings and I didn’t know how to feel the emotion of love.

If you’re curious to see pictures of Gladis, her family and I, then head over to my Twitter. I was posting there throughout the six months and I still share photos from those days. Twitter is the only social media account that I’m active on right now.

The truth is that I found it challenging to tune into the feelings of being loved by others (like friends) before this move.

I truly believe that this emotion can’t be forced or imposed. It can only come naturally.

So my advice to you is to set a clear intention to manifest your dream life or relationship and see how the Universe guides you.

Until the next blog post, Happy Friday!




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