Future-self Friday: Who you are Being Determines your Dream Life Manifesting

I’m feeling so depleted with the Full Moon in Leo energy. I’ve also been having bad, vivid dreams. How are you feeling?

So this weekend, I’m taking things easy and I decided to stay at home on Saturday and Sunday. Very heavy and dense energy in the air.

Last week’s Future-self Friday blog post was all about transformation and how it’s essential for manifesting our dream life. You can read it here.

What does ‘Being’ Mean?

To give you a simple example of who I was being in the past and who I’m being now after six months in Bali.

As a result of childhood trauma, I tend to self-isolate a lot and not want to speak to anyone. This also comes with being hyper-independent and putting up a wall when it comes to connecting with others.

After my six-month Bali journey, which you can read about on my Saudi Diva blog, I feel like I want to connect with others on a more deeper level.

Of course, I still value my space and personal freedom. But something inside of me shifted in the sense that I feel like I want to connect with my friends in Bali or other parts of the world.

So who you’re being now could be blocking your dream person manifesting. This doesn’t mean that you’re doomed. It just means that you need to bring awareness to it and do the healing work to transform the old pattern.

Even when I say that I’m being someone who likes to connect with others, I’m not saying that I’m an entirely different person now. I just feel like there was a positive shift in who I’m being on a daily basis.

I share this to say that you don’t need to be hard on yourself. All you need to do is set a clear intention to manifest and to do the healing work required to get to the next level. Then, you will be guided on what to do to get there.

Healing is a very rewarding journey but it can take time. It also takes persistence and determination to change.

I’ll keep this blog post short. But stay tuned for a new Dating Sunday blog post this Sunday.


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