Dating Sunday: Meeting Men In Real Life – Did you try this Strategy?

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Before moving to Bali last July, I was sharing with a friend that men don’t approach me when I’m out and about. I was mainly talking about when I travel. Her response was: “Because you look serious.”

Although I agree with her that I do have a serious expression on my face most of the time, that’s not the only reason that men don’t approach me when I’m out and about. The truth is that my type of man (alpha, strong, secure) won’t hesitate to approach me in public if he knew more about me.

I truly believe that I don’t need to change anything about myself because the person who’s compatible and right for me will like all my traits including the serious look that I have on my face.

Do you Try to Meet Men IRL?

A main part of my six-month Bali move was to meet men for positive dating experiences. It’s so interesting that I didn’t go out on a single date because I refuse to use dating apps and no one actually approached me in public. I was out all day everyday!

What I realized is that the majority of the tips that I read about in a book for meeting men, don’t work for an island lifestyle.

The book author is a third-generation matchmaker and she shared a good number of practical tips for where to meet men in public. But because she lives in a city in the U.S., her advice doesn’t really apply to an island like Bali.

And trust me, I followed most of her tips that resonated with me.

I reached the conclusion that meeting men for dating in real life isn’t going to work based on where I like to travel!

When I travel, I like to escape the busy city life to a slower pace in islands or small coastal towns. And these places don’t really offer a setting for people to meet at the bar or restaurant. I mean it can happen but it’s not the same culture as the one in the book.

I wrote this blog post to check your thoughts on this topic. Did you try to meet men in real life or do you mostly rely on dating apps?

Let me know in the comments! I look forward to hearing from you.




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