Future-self Friday: Let Go of your Old Self

I haven’t been active on my other blog – Saudi Diva – for the past week, because I was busy moving countries 🙂

I had this idea of spending six months in Bali for so long and I decided that now is the right time. So I went ahead with it.

I also chose July since it’s when the temperatures in Dubai get to an all-time high. It was actually very hot and humid this year and the high temperatures started in early June. So I think I made the right decision to move out in July.

Because I’m feeling depleted today and I want to rest and recharge, before my birthday celebration tomorrow, I’ll keep this blog post short.

My first couple of days in Bali were so magical and everything is flowing, just like it always does here.

I feel so grateful to be living somewhere that feels aligned with my true, authentic self.

Since this is my first trip back to Bali since the pandemic started, I wanted to share with you how I feel…

Basically, the island feels like home, my friends here are genuine and real, the Balinese are still happy and smiley people.

So it feels like the right move and I’m so excited to see what the next six months will have in store for me.

Today’s Future-self Friday blog post is all about reconnecting to your true self. Not the version that your family shaped you to be. But the real you, that’s buried under the conditioned personality.

To me, this means embracing life in all its beauty and richness. Living a fulfilling life. Not living from survival mode anymore.

I know that all of this is easier said than done. But trust me, that once you set a clear intention that you want o leave your old self behind, the Universe conspires to support you.

My family conditioning was all about career, hard work, success, achievement, business and making money.

I realized after taking time to reflect in the pandemic years, that this personality is not who I am in essence.

I’m someone who loves life and who appreciates living their life to the fullest.

It’s a bit of a paradox, because I write this post from my hotel’s meeting space or room as if I’m on a work trip 😃

At the same time, I’m rediscovering myself with each trip and figuring out how I like to spend my time.

So I bring awareness to the fact that I’m no longer my old identity – the career-focused one. And I put energy and effort into living my best life and having a plethora of experiences.

For example, hanging out with friends at restaurants, bars, going for long sunset beach walks followed by sitting at a beach bar with live music.

Simple things like booking myself a 90-minute massage at a good spa, considering taking up some classes at the resort where I’m staying, treating myself to good food and coffee.

Basically, just doing what I love and not limiting myself in any way. Doing my best to step out of survival mode and into living a fulfilling and rich life.

Happiness is out there for you to have. You just need to bring awareness to the things that are no longer serving you.

Leaving you with some snap shots from my first few days in Bali.

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Future self tips


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self

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