Future-Self Friday: Why I Value Softness Over Empowerment and Strength

Happy International Women’s Day! I hope that you’re having a great day and time whatever you’re doing.

Last year, I wrote this blog post on my Saudi Diva blog for International Women’s Day 2023.

Today, on International Women’s Day 2024, I’m happy to share that I took that post’s concept from theory to practice.

What Happened on NYE 2023

I’m still sharing my Bali move stories on my Saudi Diva blog. You can sign up to the blog and read the stories here.

I planned my Bali move so that I could spend both my birthday and New Year’s Eve on the magical island.

And although I celebrated my 43rd birthday with my two really close and lovely soul sisters, I can’t say that I followed through with the New Year’s Eve intention.

After extensive research and contacting a couple of places to ask about their New Year’s Eve events, I ended up not going out at all.

I took it as a sign to stay in, because I really couldn’t find anything that matches my style or that’s not too far from my hotel at the time. I also couldn’t join my friend Ceria and my other friend Vanessa was out of the country.

To confirm my decision to stay in on New Year’s Eve, I got a really bad headache on that evening.

So I knew that I made the right decision by choosing to not go out and I stayed in my hotel room that night.

What’s interesting is that choosing to staying in was so perfectly aligned with my 2024 intention of embracing my soft, feminine side and putting this post’s idea into practice!

Let me explain what I mean. I basically feel that being a high effort personality, I’m constantly exerting myself and living from my masculine side. This way of being applies to all areas of my life.

And going out on New Year’s Eve was no exception. I was spending a lot of time researching where to go, trying to find a place that matches my preference for a night out and not too far at the same time. That proved to not work for this last NYE.

The Universe wanted me to soften, to relax and to tune into my feminine side for a change.

And that’s exactly what I did. I decided to not force anything that wasn’t flowing and moving with ease.

I actually was so happy that I started my year that way. Because the energy that you start the year with determines how the rest of the year will unfold. Someone told me this once and I think it makes total sense.

The good thing is that the next day (January 1, 2024), I met my friend Ceria and we went out for a nice Asian dinner at a beachside restaurant. There were fireworks all night too. And before dinner, we went for sunset drinks at a place with live music.

So in the end, I celebrated New Year’s Eve one day later in true, Saudi Diva style and vibe.

How this Relates to International Women’s Day 2024

The reason I chose to share this story today is to say that I’m tired of celebrating and highlighting women’s strength and empowerment. Instead, let’s encourage women to embrace their femininity and softness. To tune into their true goddess nature.

What I want this year more than anything is to live from a more feminine and soft side. To truly embrace my feminine energy.

And to take this energy and softness with me to my relationship with my masculine person.

Women weren’t built to be in their masculine energy all day and night. We were designed and created to be soft, gentle and fragile beings. Let’s try to get back to that soul essence.



International Women’s Day 2024


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