Future-Self Friday: You Must be on the Path to Manifesting your Dream Life

It’s a new month and I’m so happy that the full moon week is over. Did you feel that intense full moon energy?

Apparently, this last full moon was all about healing. I experienced all sorts of physical and emotional symptoms. It was really intense and heavy!

Now that we have that energy behind us, let’s focus on manifesting our dream life and person.

If you missed the last Future-self Friday story, you can read it here.

I’ll keep this blog post short because I’m still recovering from the full moon phase and all the physical symptoms that came with it!

Being on the Path to Manifesting your Dream Life

I shared this tip on my Saudi Diva blog a few months ago. It’s a simple but powerful tip to help you get closer to manifesting your dream life and person.

As you know, feeling and living as if you already have your dream life is what brings it closer to you.

The goals with manifestation is to remove the feeling of lack and separation. And for the whole process to feel as natural as possible. Because that’s how you can manifest without resistance or desperation.

To give you a simple example, my dream life is all about being a housewife in a traditional gender role in my relationship.

Because my family conditioning was all about career, hard work, achievement and success, I was living from that energy for my entire adult life. Even before that, it was all about education, getting good grades and being an A student.

When I realized who I truly was in essence, I started to naturally live from that feminine side.

I now love cooking, testing new recipes, shopping for ingredients and just doing house chores in general.

To finally get to this place of living in alignment with my true self – and eventually dream life – I had to do a lot of inner work.

I shared about the main spiritual growth and healing modality that I followed on my Saudi Diva blog.

I’m also publishing an ebook soon that can help you do the same. It’s a self-help ebook with elements of memoir narrative.

If you want to stay updated for the release date, sign up to my Saudi Diva blog here.

So I ask you, what’s the main feeling and theme for your dream life with your person?

And how can you start living in alignment with that future self now?

Remember, you don’t have to completely live from that energy, but you must be on the path to living from that place of being.

Until the next Future-self Friday blog post, Happy March 1st!



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