Future-self Friday: Release the Past to Make Space for the New

Seminyak City Vibes

OK, so I don’t know where to begin.

I’ve been having a lot of insights and downloads in the last couple of days.

Memories from the past are resurfacing and this means more healing and releasing.

My dreams have also been very weird and intense. And I don’t feel like I’m in my element these days like when I’m in Ubud or Canggu.

Seminyak’s energy is clouded by the noise from the tourists and the taxi drivers who keep honking at everyone walking down the street. It’s just not as peaceful or pure as in other Bali areas.

Luckily, I can still manage to find places that speak to my soul. I just went to check out a gym that I’ve been wanting to take classes at since I got here and I took a tour to see the facilities.

Basically, I got sick with a cold on my first day in Seminyak and I only started to feel better today.

So that’s what slowed me down a bit and why I didn’t join any classes or activities earlier.

I also discovered a good smoothie bowl spot near my hotel. And that’s going to come in handy for when I start working out.

It’s still Bali, but Seminyak is very different. It’s very pretentious and it’s far from spiritual.

Most places are noisy and have a city vibe to them. I don’t mind being here, it’s just not the best place for following synchronicity – although I’ve been blessed with many magical signs here too.

Another thing that I’m grateful for is the fact that I’m going to Canggu twice this week for some beauty appointments. And Canggu is right next door, so anytime I feel suffocated by Seminyak’s dense energy and loud tourists (which I can hear as I type these words), I can just hop on a Gojek to my favorite Canggu spots.

With all that’s been happening lately – like the many annoying experiences testing me and my spiritual growth – I still don’t feel ready to go back to Dubai. I don’t think I will ever feel like it, because I simply don’t resonate with anything in that place.

Let the Past Go and Move On

Yesterday’s tarot card reading was special. The reader was very charismatic and funny. She was more of a psychic than a tarot card reader. She could read and feel energies. She could tell me about my past and truly understand what phase of my spiritual growth journey I’m in.

She asked me to draw as many cards as I wanted and then started reading them.

What originally was a 30-minute reading turned into a one-hour session! we really connected and everything she said was very accurate.

She basically said that I need to love and forgive myself. That what happened to me in the past was not my fault.

That I should let go of the past and its heavy baggage so I can move on and create a new reality.

The thing is, like other therapists and healers, she also said that I need to invest in self-love and self-care rituals. But the reason her words resonated with me more is the way she communicated the message.

She could feel where I’m coming from and she could understand and get me.

She also said that I can’t manifest someone to love me until I can love myself wholeheartedly and entirely.

Her words actually encouraged me to get a one-hour foot reflexology treatment today. And I booked a body scrub and facial for tomorrow. With a few other beauty and self-care appointments in Canggu for the rest of the week.

I realized that I wasn’t making the most of being in Bali. And although I had booked a couple of regular appointments, I wasn’t really investing enough in massages and other Bali life self-care staples.

At first, I wasn’t very pleased with her reading. Because I thought that I had already done so much inner work and releasing in the past three years or so. But then I felt grateful because what she’s pushing me to do is actually for my own benefit.

The stronger my connection is with my soul, the more magical and healthy the romantic relationship will be.

So in the long run, her advise is going to help shape my reality in a very powerful way.

Her words made a lot of sense, especially when she said that the work that I recently did helped me understand what happened in the past. That’s of course what the inner child work helps you do.

But cleansing my soul of the baggage from the past is another task or step. And that’s what she’s asking me to do next.

She said that I need to release the past with all its heaviness and baggage so I can make space for the new.

She also said that I need to explore activities, dance, buy myself roses and tell myself how lovey and beautiful I am.

The reading with Lady Lilac was nothing short of magical. She connected to my heart and soul. It wasn’t a normal tarot reading – and I’ve had quite a few in previous Bali trips.

Another thing that I forgot to mention is that it’s been raining here on most evenings. So that’s another reason why things have been different than in Canggu.

This Sunday is a new moon in Pisces so it’s a good time for setting new intentions and manifesting.

I know I’ll be indulging in self-care rituals and creating space for new energy to enter my life.

You can check my Instagram stories for updates on the type of self-care rituals I’ll be getting into.

Until then, sending you healing and loving vibes from Seminyak, Bali!

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