Future-self Friday: Nurture and Love yourself More!

Happy 14th of February!

I had another topic in mind for today’s post, but since it’s Valentine’s Day, I decided to write something relevant.

In the past, I would feel down and low on this day. This was because I had limiting beliefs and old patterns to heal and shift.

Basically, my self-worth made me focus on the lack of a partner in my life and the fact that I’m single.

Of course we all know that the energy you emit only attracts more of a similar energy. So if you focus on lack, low self-worth and not loving yourself, then you will attract more lack, low self-esteem and not enough or no self-love at all.

Well, it’s been over three years of deep spiritual growth and inner work for me. So this V-day is different.

I choose to focus on the countless blessings that I already have in my life.

I actually feel very blessed and grateful for all that I have in my life today.

Just this morning, I had a strong feeling of gratitude for the privilege to be living out of my core vibration here in Bali, discovering and re-connecting with my authentic self and living a very fulfilling and exciting life!

The past two days were especially powerful and full of blessings. My Indonesian friend Vanessa stayed at my villa for one night and we really strengthened our friendship and soul connection.

I’ll be sharing more about this in a future post. Because it’s actually a tool for healing the relationship with the female tribe.

Surround yourself with Kind and Positive Souls

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently discovered the best Canggu cafe for smoothie bowls and I’ve been going there every morning for breakfast for the past couple of days.

It’s owned by two friends from Jakarta, has a beautiful rice field view, a hip/creative vibe and the outside seats are right next to a small Balinese temple.

After having a conversation with the co-founder, I felt more confident that I’m re-connecting to my soul essence with each passing day. The guy is positive and he promotes kindness, creativity and positivity.

I also spotted a tattoo on his arm – written in Arabic – which reads the statement: “Your faith should be stronger than your fear.”

And while he chose these words for his tattoo to boost his confidence in his cafe start-up business, I knew that this was a message sent to me by the Universe to remind me to trust that my soul mate vision is on its way to me.

It’s basically telling me that I should have more trust and faith that my vision has already manifested and that there’s no reason for me to have any fears about the process!

As I go on my daily life here in Bali, I see back-to-back messages about my soul mate vision.

It’s been so powerful and I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the continuous support of the Universe and my angels!

When you release your limiting beliefs and old patterns, you naturally begin to draw to you souls that are kind, supportive and loving. Pay attention to that. It truly is a powerful thing to experience!

The Main Connection is the one that you have with your Soul!

I honestly find it challenging to describe this state of being in words.

Since leaving my home for good in the summer of 2009, I’ve always invested in self-care and self-love rituals.

From nurturing massages and spa days, to attending wellness retreats and group therapy workshops, to surrounding myself with nurturing and loving souls, I’ve done it all.

But this doesn’t mean that I had the amount of self-love or self-worth that I experience today.

It’s a feeling that evolves once you do the inner work and shift your energy.

It’s not about the activities or ways in which you nurture yourself or take care of your body or soul.

It’s more about how you really feel deep inside and the energy that you emit into the world.

Today, I went for a deeply relaxing foot reflexology and neck/back/shoulders massage at a local, authentic spa.

This was my way of loving and nurturing my soul and body on this magical Valentine’s Day.

I plan to head to the beach for a nice, long walk followed by dinner and drinks.

I’m honestly loving every step of this manifestation journey and I look forward to supporting you in manifesting your soul mate vision once I open the membership program on my site.

Until then, sending you unconditional love and blessings from mystical Bali!

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