Future-self Friday: How to Speed up the Manifestation Process

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I honestly don’t know where to begin. This trip has been so magical and fulfilling in so many ways.

The messages from the Universe are abundant and I feel blessed beyond measure for all of the synchronicity that’s showing up for me every day.

The clearing and releasing of old thought patterns, habits and wounds has been intense. I’ve been getting the most vivid and powerful dreams and a lot of the healing is happening through those states of mind.

I’m also attracting extreme kindness everywhere I go, especially from the hotel staff. Everyone is extremely friendly and attentive. They treat me with great respect and love – something that I’ve never experienced in the past.

Of course all of this is a result of the inner work and healing that I’ve been doing. So it’s all coming together now.

The connection to my authentic self is another thing that’s been a major part of this Bali trip.

Uncovering the real me from underneath the conditioning has taken time but it’s been worth the wait.

I’m happy to say that at 39 and a half years of age, I finally re-connected to my authentic self and I know who I really am.

The Universe and my spirit guides have been so supportive in this journey and I feel grateful for this magical gift.

I’ve also been deepening my friendship with my half-Indonesian soul sister Vanessa. We met through a mutual friend on my second trip to Bali. We both believe that the Universe brought us together for a reason: to support each other in our manifestation journey.

We are both very spiritual, authentic, genuine and independent women. We continue to support each other in our spiritual growth and healing process. As well as in manifesting a healthy romantic relationship.

Plus, we both like to go out from time to time and are into music. We are also very hip and cool and we don’t follow the mainstream crowd.

Let me share a story from our recent night out.

Connect with those who Share your Values and Interests

Vanessa likes to paint and has amazing artistic skills. She’s also into music like me.

I’m more of a writer and a life coach. But we are both creatives and we share our love for music and authenticity.

Because we’re in Bali, I suggested that we check out a hidden bar for our night out and I’m so glad we did.

The place is really hidden at the back of a building and you wouldn’t suspect anything to be there. It’s a Cuban-themed bar with mostly rum-based drinks. But that’s not what I had.

We later hopped to a neighboring, fairly new Italian-owned restaurant and bar. I was in heaven because they were playing old-school music for the entire night.

We didn’t dance though. It was just mainly talking over drinks and then a friend of Vanessa joined us.

Today was cool, because we both did something different. We joined a Canggu-based ‘art club’ to meet other creatives. It was a big group of girls who are all from the art, design or animation industry.

Vanessa brought some art materials and I re-connected with my artistic side and drew a coconut.

It was good to meet other Bali-based creatives and to connect with like-minded people.

What made me feel good was the fact that I actually went to Canggu for this event from Seminyak just to support Vanessa.

She asked me to join and I really wanted to do something that will deepen our friendship even more.

I truly value these kind of soul connections because they are rare and so precious.

I also got a new haircut by someone who actually understands curly hair! so happy because now I will let my hair grow until my next Bali trip in October! or maybe get it trimmed in Naples if I can find a good hair stylist there.

I will end this post here because I need to go back to the hotel and get ready for another night out with Vanessa. It will be our last night out in Bali before I leave!

So not looking forward to going back to Dubai next Monday. But I know that I will be back to Bali again soon.

Plus, I have a couple of trips to Italy lined up for this year – all part of the synchronicity book project.

I’m not following the news about the virus but I don’t see myself cancelling my trips. Especially since I already booked flights and hotels in advance!

Sending you warm healing vibes from Seminyak, Bali!

New energy and a new haircut to match it!
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