Use Intuition, Take Inspired Action, and Manifest Your Soulmate Today

Have you ever watched a Hollywood romance film or read a romance novel? 

Just like in the films and books, we have been taught to believe that finding love needs to be a struggle. 

To find “The One” we need to make grand gestures, connive, cry, obsess about, and just be manic in our search for love.  

Nothing comes easy. No pain, no gain. Relationships are hard work. And so on, and so forth. Is any of this really true though?

The great thing is that you have a choice—a choice to go at it the hard way or a choice to align with your intuition, be guided, and be in flow. 

Choosing the latter does not mean you’ll never encounter difficulties along the way. But you will be choosing the path of least resistance where every action you take is an inspired action. This is very powerful.  

In a world that encourages striving action, hustling, and making things happen, relying on your intuition instead of your rational mind might not make sense at all. But the truth is that your gut feelings always knows more than your logical mind.

Contrary to the films and books and other media, you really can manifest your soulmate without suffering, striving, or struggling. To do this, all that is needed is to tap into your highest knowing and take inspired action. 

In this article, you will learn how to access your intuition. You’ll understand what inspired action looks and feels like, and you’ll learn how to use these gifts to manifest your soulmate vision. 

Trust Your Gut Feeling to Lead You to Your Soulmate 

When you set out to manifest the love of your life, you certainly could use divine signs to show you are on the right path. No one wants to kiss tons of frogs before finally meeting “The One”. We want some sort of heads-up that we are spending our time and efforts on the right people. 

The truth is, you do not have to wish or hope for this kind of guidance. It is already available to you. Yes, you are guided at all times and this guidance is in the form of your gut feeling or “intuition”. 

In energy work, the gut is associated with the third chakra, also known as the solar plexus chakra. This energy point is related to one’s sense of self. It helps you to survive in the world by informing you how to act and to manifest in the physical world.

Your gut feeling or intuition is a deep-seated and clear knowing. The visceral, body-level feelings and mental nudges you experience often do not seem logical. However, they are the guidance you need to manifest and create in the human realm. 

You might want to look at intuition as communication from your Higher Self. Your higher self or your soul is always looking out for you and this is why trusting your intuition is so important.

When you are in the space of manifesting your soulmate vision you need to accept guidance from your higher self. This comes in the form of intuitive knowing. It allows you to know the next steps to take to bring your ideal partner closer and closer to you. You will know where to go, whom to meet, how to act, and whom to give your time. 

At the same time, when you tap into your intuition, you will know where not to go and will be guided as to the people who are not a vibrational match for your soulmate vision. 

Gut Feelings to Pay Attention To 

 So, when it comes to accessing your intuition, what should you look out for? Common signs that you are being guided include: 

  • A strong inner urge or pull to take a certain action
  • Physiological reactions such as hair raising at the back of your neck, a tingling sensation down the spine, or goosebumps
  • A clear voice advising you to do or not do something 
  • Tightness or butterflies in your gut 
  • A state of high alertness in a specific setting 

In addition to being in tune with your body and paying attention to physical sensations, there are other ways to harness your intuition and receive guidance toward the manifestation of your soulmate vision.

Be Perceptive of Signs

The Universe speaks to you not only at an instinctual level but also through physical signs. As you hold space for the manifestation of your ideal partner, stay open to signs sent your way. 

In particular, look out for interesting coincidences, signs that are somehow related to one another or signs that keep showing up. For example, you might keep seeing a poster about a singles retreat, or a certain book might show up in your day-to-day life whether you are the coffee shop or in conversations with friends, etc. 

Remain perceptive to these signs. Even if they do not make sense immediately, try following the trail of breadcrumbs and you might be pleasantly surprised or learn the lesson you need to before manifesting your vision. 

Notice that there is a difference between being open to and perceptive of signs, and actively looking for signs in an effort to manifest your ideal. The former means you are acting from a place of alignment. The latter could easily plunge you into obsession territory where you would be manifesting from a place of fear, doubt, and attachment. 

Be Open to New Connections

Is your heart and mind fully open to receiving your soulmate? Have you eliminated the mental and energetic clutter that could be blocking you from receiving love? 

If you are carrying emotional and mental baggage, you are essentially walking around with a large sign on your forehead saying you are unavailable. You probably already know this by now through personal experience but we can actually pick up people’s energies even without speaking with them—this is part of the magic of intuition. 

Your emotional and mental state largely determines the energy you are putting out there. If you are putting out the energy of unavailability, you are essentially closing yourself off to your potential soulmate. 

There are plenty of exercises you can do and tools you can use such as meditation, reiki, affirmations, acupuncture, emotional freedom technique, and others to get rid of emotional baggage and gain mental clarity to help you show up more powerfully in the physical realm. 

Emotional and mental clarity allows you to be fully in touch with your body and therefore access your gut feelings entirely. This type of next-level clarity also opens you up to new meaningful connections as you convey the light, sweet energy of availability and openness. 

This does not mean that you have to connect with or date everyone that comes your way. It just means that you are alert to those around you and the opportunities that present themselves. This is the Universe speaking to you but you might not even notice it if you have closed yourself off from the possibilities that await you. 

Use Affirmations to Harness Your Intuition

Positive affirmations are a powerful way of embodying that which we want to manifest. Even though intuition is a gift granted to everyone, not everyone is aware of it or uses it to navigate the world. 

Saying affirmations can help to remind you of this gift and allows you to rediscover the power that is within you to tap into the guidance of your Higher Self. 

For example, you could say affirmations such as: 

  • I trust my intuition to lead me to my soulmate.
  • I am intuitive and I follow my inner guidance
  • My intuition always guides me towards the highest good 
  • I am connected to my inner vision
  • I am connected to and trust my intuitive self 

Recite your chosen affirmations every day. Do not try to think yourself into intuitiveness. Manifestation is very much a feeling process. Feel yourself guided, supported, and trusting of your own intuitive self. 

Taking Inspired Action to Manifest Your Soulmate Vision

Inspired action might sound strange at first but that is only because we have been conditioned to approach life and everything in it from a place of struggle.

In the simplest of terms, inspired action is doing what feels truly and deeply good. This is the opposite of striving, struggling, or mindless doing. It is a major shift in perspective and allows you to manifest with ease.

You will know you are taking inspired action because it will feel exciting, seamless, guided, free of anxiety, stress, or pressure. On the contrary, you will know that your actions are uninspired when you experience stress and anxiety, sadness and worry, fatigue and lack of excitement. 

Inspired action works very closely with intuition. The ability to harness your intuition allows you to know when to take action but also to tell the difference between inspired and striving action. 

Embrace the Lessons That Come with Taking Inspired Action 

You will not always receive perfect results immediately just by taking inspired action. However, each type of inspired action and the resultant effect is always for the highest good even though it might not seem so at that moment. 

For example, you might feel inspired to go on a date with someone. It feels truly and deeply good to plan for and actually hang out with this person. It does not feel forced. In fact, it feels seamless, even exciting.

However, at the end of the date, even though you both enjoyed each other’s company, you both mutually agree that for one reason or another, you might not be a good match at that point in time and agree to remain friends. 

You could choose to look at this experience as a bitter waste of time or you could choose to be perceptive of the lessons this experience was trying to teach you. Just because you took what felt like inspired action and acted on your intuition does not mean that you got what you wanted there and then. 

However, in everything that happens, there is a lesson to be learned before your desire can manifest. So, when you tap into your intuition and take inspired action toward manifesting your soulmate, take the lessons learned with grace. Always remain perceptive to the message your Higher Self is sending your way. 

The difference between those that successfully manifest and those that don’t is that the manifestation experts trust the instinctual guidance from their Higher Self even when they do not immediately receive a particular result. As you might have guessed, taking inspired action is really about dropping expectations of what you think is good for you and trusting that the Universe is working for you; never against you. 

Strike When the Iron Is Hot

The common belief is that opportunity comes once in a lifetime. This is not how the Law of Attraction works. While some opportunities can transform your life in a big way, there is no shortage of opportunities. The Universe is abundant. 

That being said, when you feel the nudge or have a clear feeling that you need to take a certain action, you should act on this intuitive message immediately. This is where the principle of divine timing comes into play. The time you receive intuitive nudges is when the Universe deems it the perfect time to act to manifest your vision. 


Finding someone to share and enjoy life with does not have to be a struggle. The Universe has granted us the gift of intuition, which we can freely use to thrive in the world, make the right choices, take inspired action, and live a truly abundant life. 

To benefit from this gift, you must be willing to stop doing things that do not feel inspired and challenge the social conditioning that says we always need to be doing something to get results.  What is truly needed is to just be and to let ourselves be guided at all times. 

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