Synchronicity Sunday: What the Next Level of Manifesting Feels Like and How to Get There

Way Too Many Updates

I honestly don’t know where to begin.

All I can say is that my energy and way of being is shifting so fast that I no longer recognize myself anymore!

Ok, let me try to explain with some recent stories from the past few days.

Before starting on this trip and as part of my new year intentions, my goal was to live in more flow and alignment with the Universe and its magic.

I also wanted to spend more time living out of my core vibration of freedom and as an expression of my authentic self.

The series of synchronicity stories and magical encounters that are appearing since I arrived to Bali on January five have been so surreal and divine!

The Energy you Emit is Everything

In the past – more like before the inner child workshop – my aura was not very welcoming. People in public wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to me or approaching me.

These days, I find that people everywhere talk to me with ease and comfort. And it’s mutual because I also find it natural to start conversations and make small talk with almost anyone!

Ok, I was always a talkative person. But the recent changes have more to do with the energy that I’m emitting.

What’s also interesting is that whenever I go to any restaurant or cafe, I now notice the energy that other women who are dining alone emit.

Like I would be minding my own business and all. But because I’m an empath, I pick up energies.

It’s so easy for me to recognize the negative/not happy with myself or life/not worthy energy that other women emit. Simply because it’s so familiar to me since this used to be me in the past!

It’s so magical because I did so much inner work and releasing that I now emit a totally different and positive vibration. Yet at the same time, I can recognize other women’s low vibes simply by being with them in the same space!

When you don’t love yourself enough or feel worthy of love and affection, then you emit a certain aura which attracts ‘like’ energy to you. There is no way that you can manifest a healthy relationship from that sense of being.

Just by looking at these women, I identify with my old self. The same old self that made it to Bali on five previous trips with an intention for healing and spiritual growth.

Except that this time, I’m back with a renewed way of being and a transformed sense of identity.

Love Messages Everywhere

Another powerful change in this Bali trip is the constant back-to-back messages from the Universe assuring me that I’m on the right path to manifesting love.

Whether I’m meditating in the villa’s garden, walking on the beach or visiting a neighborhood cafe, the messages have been countless and so magical!

You’ll see an image of a heart drawn in the sand at Berawa Beach and it’s not me who drew that heart shape!

I just came across it while walking from one area of the beach to another. Of course there were a number of other love messages as well.

Another interesting synchronicity story was at my favorite Canggu cafe. And since I’m a regular at that vegan cafe, I didn’t expect to manifest any messages. Well I was wrong. A very cool and hip couple came and sat near my table. They were together because they exchanged a kiss on the mouth and they were obviously a couple.

All I did to attract this message was order a carrot cake! seriously, it’s as simple as doing one new and different thing to attract messages.

I rarely eat or order cake and desserts when I go out to eat and this time, I felt like trying the cafe’s famous carrot cake and so I did. And that led to synchronicity!

This goes back to the same tip of switching up your routine and doing things differently.

A Heart-based Way of Living

This morning, I wasn’t sure about where to go for breakfast. And although I did some online research before heading out (which is the conditioned/mind-identified way of living), I discovered that the cafe where I want to go is closed on Sunday. This wasn’t a big deal because it’s only a few meters away from my villa.

Instead of doing another Google search, I randomly chose to visit another cafe and checked Google Maps to see which one of their branches is nearest to me.

I later took Gojek and although the driver took me to a different area first, we managed to get to my chosen place.

When things like that happened in the past, I would be frustrated and annoyed. Because things are going wrong.

In reality, shaking things up and taking different routes is always a good way to manifest messages and synchronicity.

I was so happy to have breakfast at a different area and neighborhood. I’m still there now finishing off writing this blog post.

What I’m trying to explain with my story is that there are many ways to go about your day – wherever you are.

There’s a mind-centered approach – where you have a fixed and rigid plan that you follow – whether you feel like it or not! In this way of being, you’re not connected to your intuition, body, heart or soul. So you don’t really listen to your inner guidance system or intuition. You just operate from your mind.

Another way is to listen to your body and heart. How do you feel today? do you feel like having a savory breakfast, a croissant or a healthy smoothie bowl? or maybe you want to have a brunch and indulge in eggs?

This is basically the way of being that I’m just starting to tap into these days!

I’m very grateful for choosing to stay in the villa because this gives me the freedom to choose where to go for breakfast each day. And of course practice being in my body and heart.

I’ve spent two weeks already in the villa and I have another two weeks to go. I only embraced this new way of being mid-way through my one-month villa stay!

So don’t be in a rush to release old patterns and programed beliefs because it takes time and conscious effort!

I was raised to have a proper breakfast each day. It’s a healthy habit to not skip breakfast.

But what I do now is being awareness to the type of breakfast that I want to have each day depending on my mood/schedule.

For example, if I’m going to a group exercise class, I choose to have a peanut joy smoothie bowl at my favorite cafe near my villa.

On Sundays, I might choose to have a late breakfast/brunch at a new cafe in a different neighborhood.

On the days when I want to write from my laptop (which is on most days actually), I can choose to have a simple croissant and coffee breakfast at a spot with reliable Wi-Fi and cool AC or fan.

This way of being is completely new to me! I’m still practicing it and luckily I have another two weeks to do just that!

I also made a list of four of my favorite places so far so that I can go back to them and know that I will have a good experience.

Find Fulfillment in your Life First

My last tip for stepping into another level of manifesting is to be content with where you are in life.

As cliche as this statement sounds, but it’s true: You are exactly where you are meant to be.

The reason that you are single is because you still have to grow and release before you can manifest a healthy relationship and that’s totally OK.

Not everyone’s life path is similar and you should never compare yourself or your life to anyone else’s.

I honestly feel super grateful and blessed for where I am today. And I know that for me to inspire others and help guide them on their soul mate manifestation journeys, I need to have done the work in the most profound and powerful way.

How can I offer support and guidance when I don’t know the steps required to level up in the manifestation journey?

With each passing day of this synchronicity book project, I’m realizing new things and receiving guidance in many ways.

Sometimes, I wake up with a new idea or step for manifesting! the Universe channels these ideas through to me in my sleep!

Last night was a great example of bonding with the female tribe and connecting with souls who get me and who are on the manifestation path.

It feels so magical to have conversations about spirituality and the Universe with other like-minded souls.

Sending you love and light from Canggu, Bali!

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