Synchronicity Sunday: The Magic of Believing in your Vision!

This is my first Synchronicity Sunday post and it’s part of the book that I’m currently writing.

So, welcome to my world of endless synchronicity stories!

OK, so this morning I started my day with silent meditation – as usual – followed by a coconut water and energy ball combo before I take a shower and head out.

I walked over to a nearby bakery which sells sandwiches and tried their tuna melt – it was the best available option!

The coffee was great and this will be one of my favorite quick breakfast spots from now on. It’s literally a two minute walk from my villa. I love discovering hidden gems and local places that are not frequented by tourists.

Although I have two functional training sessions planned for this week, I feel like I haven’t been working out since I arrived to Bali.

I mean apart from going for long beach walks in Canggu and a few yin/restorative yoga classes, I haven’t really done much to stay fit. I do walk a lot but it’s not enough and I had a sudden anxiety moment while having breakfast and started researching gyms that offer group exercise classes.

Luckily, I managed to get the schedule of another gym which has group classes at decent timings and I’ll be joining them soon.

It’s just that I’m a foodie and Canggu has so many good places to eat. Even though I avoid sweets completely, I still manage to eat a lot and drink a lot of coffee!

So after my mini panic attack about not training, I went for a nice, long beach walk and recorded a mini training video for my Facebook group members.

The rest of the day unfolded very nicely and I’m writing this blog post on a Saturday actually because I’ll be hanging out with some friends tomorrow (Sunday).

Love Messages Everywhere!

The series of magical messages from the Universe continues and I feel blessed beyond measure!

The key to attracting synchronicity is being crystal clear on what you want to manifest, taking inspired action and then surrendering and trusting that the Universe has a bigger and better plan for your life!

Before I share with you some pictures from the past few days, I want to add that I keep seeing couples holding hands or making plans at random cafes that I go to.

Another surreal and purely magical message is seeing two birds flying together in the sky!

I see this beautiful message when I meditate in the villa’s garden or today, right after my beach walk! simply divine!

You must Fall in Love with your Life

One of the things that you need to pay attention to is how you feel about yourself and your life.

Are you focusing on the lack of things? like the lack of a partner? are you content with who you are? do you do what you love? do you surround yourself with supportive and positive people? do you live your life as an expression of your core vibration?

The energy you emit when you’re leading a fulfilling and happy life is powerful for manifesting any desire.

When you live in alignment with your authentic self and feel at peace with your life exactly as it is, you become a magnet for everything that you want to manifest.

And this doesn’t meant that you have to be living a perfect life in order to feel that way.

In a future post, I’ll be sharing with you some of the challenges that I face in my daily life in Bali. It will be a raw and honest sharing for you to see that I don’t lead a perfect life but I choose how to feel about it!

Leaving you with some images from the past few days. And the first one is actually taken on the wall on the same street as my villa! Yes, there’s a graffiti of the word ‘Love’ in red spray paint and it’s right a the beginning of the wall in the street leading to my villa!

Feeling blessed beyond measure!



Love messages from the Universe
Love messages from the Universe
Vegan, non-toxic nail polish at my favorite Canggu nail salon
Hidden gem of a yoga studio with a rice field view
Your reality is a reflection of your vibration
Typical start to my Canggu days
Healthy breakfast at my favorite Canggu cafe
Having gratitude for the simple things helps you manifest the big stuff
Authentic Indonesian lunch to switch things up
Fall in love with your life and you can manifest magic!
Synchronicity with angel numbers everywhere I go!

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