Supercharge Your Vibration and Protect Your Energy Today. Here’s How

Do you need to protect your energy?

Did you know that your physical reality is a reflection of your vibrational frequency? Everything is energy, including yourself. The energy you emit attracts experiences of a similar energy level and that is how your physical reality shapes itself. 

You are energy

Energy can vibrate at a low frequency or a high frequency. High-frequency energetic vibrations are responsible for all the good things in your life. All the amazing experiences, people, and even material possession in your life are there because, at some point, your high-frequency energy attracted the energy of these things and they manifested in your life. 

You might not have seen it this way at the time but we attract people, things, and experiences into our lives using this exact process, knowingly or unknowingly. The opposite is true for low vibration energy—it attracts low-quality experiences.

As you might have guessed, by maintaining high-frequency energy, you will attract good things into your life. It is also important to protect your energy field from negative influences that can dampen your magnetism and lower your vibrational frequency.

Protect Your Energy: Take Care of Your Body 

Your body is a temple. The better you treat it, the better it will support you and keep your energy up. Raising your vibration is really about feeling good. The body is the most important portal through which you can experience good feelings. 

Feeling good about yourself

When you are feeling good about yourself and are enjoying optimal health, you are more likely to emit higher vibrational frequencies. This will attract more health and wellbeing into your life. 

Think about the times when you were severely sick. You certainly did not feel cheery or even optimistic. It might have seemed like everything was doom and gloom. It is difficult to feel good when your body is working against you.

Additionally, when you are not living in optimal health, it is very easy for your energy to leak and for you to absorb other people’s energy. It is worse if you absorb low vibrational energy, as this will continue to take away from your health. 

So, to maintain a consistently high vibration, take very good care of your body. Drink enough water, exercise, and get enough sleep. 

Create A Positive Dwelling Place 

Have you ever entered a house and instantly felt relaxed, grounded, peaceful, like you belong? The house was likely tidy and welcoming.

protect your energy

The opposite is equally true. If you have ever been in an extremely disheveled or untidy house, it is likely that you felt uneasy, stressed, and generally in a low mood. 

Your surroundings can have an immense impact on your mental state and therefore on your vibrational frequency. Your dwelling should be a place of joy, love, peace, and freedom. These are some of the highest vibrational frequencies one can ever attain. 

On the other hand, a disheveled home can be stressful. Stress yields other low-level emotions such as anger, anxiety, and low self-esteem. This will attract more of the same into your life.

One way you can raise your vibration immediately is by tidying up your home. Make it a place where you look forward to coming to. We are not talking about expensive décor here—just a dwelling place that is orderly and supports both inner and outer peace.

Did you know that clutter not only creates lower vibrational energy but it also blocks out positive energy? When you choose to live in a disorderly or cluttered house, you are essentially saying, “I do not have space for better things.’’

To bring in better experiences into your life, you have to make space for them, not just mentally but physically too. Let go of unnecessary clutter in your house and allow space for energy to flow. You will notice the difference—not only will you enjoy an airier dwelling place but you will also feel more uplifted, at peace, and optimistic.

Protect Your Energy: Take Up an Energetic Practice

Energy healing and rebalancing can have a profound healing effect on your life. Reiki is an example of a practice that can help you elevate and rebalance your energy, elevate stress, and help you feel grounded.


Reiki, a Japanese healing practice that translates into ‘spiritually guided life force,’ involves laying hands over different parts of the body using varied hand positions to remove blockages and allow the flow of energy. 

The technique is based on the idea that invisible life force energy flows through everyone. This force gives us life and wellbeing. When the life force energy is vibrating at a low frequency, you are more likely to feel stress, anxiety, depression, and sickness. On the other hand, you are more likely to feel joyous, peaceful, fulfilled, and healthy when the energy is vibrating at a higher frequency. 

By placing one’s hand on different parts of the body, Reiki can help to shift energy. This allows you to heal your mind, body, emotions, and spirit to protect your energy.

Reiki is neither religious nor dogmatic, you do not have to believe in a deity for the practice to work. Anyone, regardless of his or her religious affiliation, can practice and benefit from Reiki. 

While it helps to gain formal training, you can get started right from the comfort of your home. Here are the steps involved in doing Reiki:

  1. In a quiet place, sit with your feet placed flat on the floor and your hands placed on your lap 
  2. With your eyes closed, take slow deep breaths as you allow your thoughts and heart rate to slow down
  3. As you focus on your breathing, notice what you are feeling. Zoom in to areas of your body that feel energetically blocked or tense
  4. Accept the tense feelings without passing any judgment
  5. Bring your hand to one of the parts of your body that feels tense. Lay your hand on this area. Visualize the tension dissolving into thin air and bright light replacing the dark, tense energy
  6. Repeat this for every part of the body where you feel an energy block exists 

Reiki is not the only energetic practice you can take up. Others you can try include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, etc. The idea behind these practices is to trigger the flow of energy and subsequently raise your vibrations. 

Let Go of The Need to Suffer 

Most of us have been brought up with the notion that life is supposed to be difficult. To be successful, you have to walk through fire, hustle, and suffer. 

protect your energy

Unconsciously, we normalize suffering and therefore we attract experiences that support our internal belief. If suffering and hardship seem to be constant in your life, it is because your subconscious mind has come to expect these low-quality experiences as the norm.

As you might have guessed, when something is the norm for you, it is really difficult to see it as problematic or as something that is not serving your highest good. 

Suffering as the norm is a limiting belief. If this has been your upbringing or your socialization, you might believe notions such as ‘I can’t rest because everything will collapse,’ ‘Sleep is for losers,’ ‘I have to work round the clock to live a good life’ etc. 

Do not get it wrong—you should definitely work. Always do what needs to be done to create the life you want. However, if you have a suffering mindset you will find that your success comes at a great cost.

Fortunately, you have the power to let go of the need to suffer and elevate your vibration. You can do so by using affirmations of positivity, freedom, and happiness. An example of a mantra for letting go of the need to suffer and elevate your vibration would be: 

“I let go of suffering. I do not have to suffer to have a successful life. Everything I want comes to me effortlessly and in good time.”

Suffering suppresses your energetic vibration and as you would expect, you attract more suffering and hardship. If you believe in suffering, you will suffer and if you believe that things work seamlessly for you, they will. 

You are more capable of creating a better life from a place of joy and feeling good about yourself and about everything that you do. Joy is one of the highest vibrational frequencies. Choosing to live from this place will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

You Are Not Responsible for Other People’s Happiness 

protect your energy

An important part of protecting your energy is realizing that you cannot change other people nor can you make them happy if they do not want to. 

Sometimes, even the people whom we love the most can drain our energy and lower our vibration when we attempt to fix them. No matter how good your intentions are, you cannot make another person happy unless that is something, they want for themselves. 

It is important to realize that everyone is on their own path. We each have to learn our lessons individually. You cannot learn for other people the lessons the Universe is teaching them. You cannot walk another’s path. Everyone has in them the power to choose their experiences or at least the way they respond to them.

This does not mean that you do not care about your loved ones. In fact, letting go of the need to fix them and realizing that they are in control of their reality is one of the most loving things you can do for them. 

If you have a low-vibe person in your life, instead of trying to get them to see things your way, accept where they are and release them. You can send them love and warmth, say a prayer, or even light candles for them. 

Releasing yourself from the responsibility of raising other people’s energy will help you to protect your energy. This is better than leaking or absorbing negative energy that does not serve your highest good. 

Ask for Divine Protection of Your Energy

Divine protection is always available and you can call upon it anytime. 

A good practice is to ask for protection whenever you enter a place full of people or if you are going to meet or interact with an individual or a group. 

In such situations, it is incredibly easy to leak out energy or to absorb other people’s energy, both positive and negative. 

By asking for divine protection, you can maintain your own energy. You’ll feel less drained when interacting with others. This will prevent negative energy from permeating your own energy field and lowering your vibration. 

For example, you could say, “In this moment, I set the intention to be kind and loving but I ask for protection of my energy.”

In case you do not protect your energy before interacting with others, you can still restore any energy you might have lost and release any negative energy you might have picked up. 

For example, you could say, “In this moment, I ask that any positive energy I may have leaked be restored now and any negative energy I may have picked up be released.”

When you encounter negative energy from others, remember that you have the power to stand in your light. This means choosing not to engage in any negativity sent your way. This might require that you keep quiet or walk away to protect your energy.

Protect your Energy Summary 

Everything that exists is energy. As you go about your day-to-day life, you are constantly exchanging energy with people and your surroundings. Fortunately, you are in control of the quality of energy you emit and equally let into your life. 

In addition to engaging in energy healing practices, clearing up the energy in your own home, and taking good care of your body to maintain a high vibration, you can always ask for divine protection of your energy field. 

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