November 11 Manifestation Portal: Are you Clear about Gender Roles in the Relationship?

I haven’t been active on this blog for many reasons. The main one is that I prefer to take things easy on Fridays and Sundays and these are the two days that I dedicated for writing blog posts on here.

Another reason is that I don’t feel inspired to write on this blog because my life coaching business is coming to an end in one month. It wasn’t really aligned with who I am but I’m happy for the experience.

I’m always active on my Saudi Diva blog and you can sign up here for updates. I feel that I’m a writer in essence and that’s why my upcoming ebook is being published soon. You can sign up for updates here.

November 11 Manifestation Portal

Today is a special day for manifesting. There’s a portal opening and it’s the perfect time to set intentions and get clarity on what you’re manifesting.

Although I was very clear about the type of person and life that I was manifesting, I realized that I was confused about gender roles in the relationship.

Because of my family conditioning, I thought that I had to be a businesswoman (aka life coach) and that I would run my own business while I’m in my dream relationship.

Luckily, after doing inner child therapy work, everything that wasn’t truly me shattered and this included my life coaching business. I knew deep inside that I was a creative person and a writer, not a businesswoman or a coach.

Another major aspect of my future relationship was revealed: I want to have a traditional role in a relationship. I love being a housewife, cooking, cleaning and doing all the house chores. This role started to grow on me as soon as I moved to my new, one-bedroom apartment.

So, if my partner has a business that I could support him in, then that’s great too. But my role will be simple and small. I won’t be running the business for him or anything like that. Just helping out a bit. My main role will be the housewife.

Adding feeling to your manifesting is also important because it can give power to the manifestation process.

So when you’re clear about gender roles and how you want to feel when you’re around your person, you are getting closer to your dream life and bringing it to you faster.

I plan on getting some posters printed next week with my ideal relationship including traditional gender roles.

Remember that adding feeling to your vision board or visualization can fast-track the manifestation process.

You want to also believe that you can create any life that you want for yourself. And that the faster you realize what your soul truly wants and needs – away from family and societal conditioning – the quicker you can manifest that dream vision.

So start doing the inner work to shed the layers of family and societal conditioning and trust that whatever is aligned with your true self is what’s destined for you.

I feel it’s so sad that it takes some of us ages to manifest our dream life and person, simply because what we think we want is not aligned with who we really are in essence. And we end up delaying or blocking our manifestation because of our family and societal programing and conditioning.

I look forward to sharing all the insider tips and practical tools with you once my ebook is out. Stay tuned for updates on this!

November 11 manifestation portal


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