Manifest Now. Become a Powerful Magnet for All Your Desires

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Do you want to know how to manifest now?

Did you know that an aura of energy surrounds your physical body at all times? This energy, made of countless atoms, is in fact magnetic and attracts atoms of a similar magnetic field to itself. 

Whether or not you are aware of it, you are always attracting and repelling energy fields to and away from you. 

One way we emit energy from our body and into the Universe is through thoughts and emotions. The thoughts you think and emotions you feel at any given moment form a magnetic field around you. 

The invisible energy field surrounding you is essentially atoms. It attracts atoms of a similar quality, which eventually become physical manifestations in the form of people, places, things, and circumstances. 

What is great about this is the realization that we can change our physical reality by changing our thoughts and emotions, which in turn changes our energetic field. We can consciously attract those desires, outcomes, and visions that serve our best interest. We really can manifest now.

In this article, you will learn how to increase your personal magnetism and manifest all the wonderful things you want into your life.  

Manifest Now: Remain Aware of Your Thoughts 

Your thoughts become your reality. Therefore, it makes sense that if you want to magnetize certain outcomes, you have to master your thoughts. 

Generally, we are used to not paying attention to what we are thinking. For most people, their thoughts and therefore their lives happen on default. 

Being aware of your thoughts is more empowering than going through life unaware. It means that you can consciously magnetize to yourself the experiences you really want. 


When you are aware of your thoughts, you will not be feeling as if life is happening to you; rather, you will understand that your outside reality is a reflection of your inner state i.e. your thoughts and emotions, which directly affect your personal magnetism. 

This does not mean that you will never think negative thoughts or experience less than stellar emotions. Awareness means that you can easily detect these low-energy thoughts and instantly shift them, thereby shifting your reality.

Because most of us have not been educated to be vigilant of our thoughts or to listen to what our emotions are saying, building awareness is something that requires practice.

Start gradually by paying attention to your attitude. Every time you notice a low-vibrational attitude, speak an affirmation that sits in contrast to the negative thought. Awareness is about noticing when these negatives creep up on you and then shifting the narrative to one that espouses love, which is the only truth. 

Do Those Things That Elevate Your Vibration

Everything is made of vibrations of energy, nothing more and nothing less. However, the energy field that surrounds each individual vibrates at a certain frequency, which can vary from one person to another. 

As you might have guessed, your vibrational frequency is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. Have you ever met someone you would consider a high-vibe person? What attributes did they possess? Without a doubt, they exuded positivity in both their language and outlook. 

A low-vibe person on the other hand, conveys negative emotions whether that is chronic complaining, pessimism, cynicism, resentment etc. Unsurprisingly, their life is littered with self-prophetic examples of their state of mind and their language. 

The environment you grew up in can also have a major impact on your vibrational frequency. Lower vibrational frequencies are a result of limiting beliefs and old traumas that influence our thoughts and perception of the world.

Limiting beliefs and traumas that infiltrate our vibrational frequency can be difficult but not impossible to transcend. A first step in the right direction is to recognize and challenge your limiting beliefs in any area of your life. 

You will know you have limiting beliefs in a certain area if you have unsuccessfully tried to improve in that area. Limiting beliefs are likely holding you back. 

To transcend these beliefs and raise your vibrations, speak powerful affirmations that stand in complete contrast to your limiting beliefs.

High vibrational frequencies will attract magical synchronicities that will weave together to manifest the experiences and desires you truly deserve. By mastering the art of monitoring your thoughts and raising your vibration, you will take your manifestation game to the next level and become a magnet for all your desires. 

Manifest Now: Keep the Right Company 


It is said that the company you keep says a lot about the kind of person you are. It isn’t any wonder that people with a success mindset and an abundant life hang around similar people. At the same time, many of those whose lives are not really abundant will enjoy each other’s company. 

According to the universal Law of Attraction, we attract people who are on the same energetic frequency as ourselves. As such, the people we choose to hang around can either elevate or dampen our vibrational frequency. They can therefore influence how our life unfolds. 

Hanging around people who are already manifesting abundance in their life is a powerful way to increase your personal magnetism. Place yourself in the midst of spiritually abundant people. As you draw from their positive energy, return the favor by sending them love, joy, and appreciation. This exchange of energy results in a mutual increase of individual and collective magnetism. 

On the contrary, when you are in the company of people with low energy they will draw from your energy field. They just won’t fill you up with equally positive energy. Your personal magnetism only increases when you are vibrating on a higher frequency. This is more likely to happen when you are in the company of people with similarly high vibration. 

Focus Your Energy and Attention on What You Want

Naturally, we focus on the things we do not want, believing that this will keep these things out of our life. However, this is not how the Law of Attraction works. Remember, like attracts like and therefore you will always get more of what you focus your thoughts and energy on. 

To increase your ability to attract all your desires, you must focus only on your desired outcome. Get very clear about what you want, set your intention and release this to the Universe. The clearer you are, the likelier you will receive what you really want. The faster you will receive it too! 

Once you release your intention to the Universe, do not lower your vibrational energy. Don’t dampen your magnetism by worrying about what you do not want. This would be sending mixed signals to the Universe. This in turn sends you mixed outcomes or your desired outcomes might take longer, simply because of the resistance on your path. 

For example, say you want to attract a new job. Instead of focusing on all the negative aspects of your current job, simply send out an intention to the Universe. State the precise kind of job you want. Think about what you want in your new job. Focus on all the wonderful qualities the new job would bring along. Contemplate on how it would make you feel and how your life will be like once you snag that job. 

The beauty of focusing your energy on what you want is that it can help you see the shimmers of blessings already in your life. When you convey appreciation and gratitude, you will attract more experiences to be grateful and appreciative of. 

Believe That What You Want Is Possible for You 


To attract your desired outcome, you have to believe that you deserve it. You must know that this outcome is possible for you. 

On occasions, some things might seem illogical or impossible. Do not pay attention to how what you want will come to you or how the experience you desire will unfold. 

Remember, you are not alone. On the contrary, you are working with cosmic forces that are more powerful than the limitations of the egoistic mind. Your ego will tell you what you want is too big, too expensive, too far-fetched, or too improbable. However, you have to master how to transcend and challenge the ego. 

It is in your power to replace doubt with belief. Power manifesters have one thing in common—the absolute belief that they deserve all good things. If you do not believe you deserve that which you desire, manifesting it will be an uphill task. 

Disbelief is a form of resistance and is rooted in limiting belief systems. Listen to your emotions. Do you feel any resistance or discomfort when you ask the Universe for a specific outcome? Chances are good that you do not believe you deserve what you asked for and therefore you are sending the message to the Universe that you are not open to receiving. 

Believing in your self requires daily practice. It entails ignoring negative self-talk and instead replacing it with positive affirmations about what you know you deserve. Visualization, or imagining what your life would be like when your desired outcome manifests, is also an excellent way to strengthen your self-belief.

Let Go of Attachment to A Specific Outcome

Those who have mastered the art of manifestation will tell you that they are not hang up on how the things they want will come to them. It is enough that they have absolute faith that what they want will come to them therefore they do not have to stress about the how. 

Letting go of attachment to a specific outcome may seem contradictory to the suggestion that you need to focus on what you want. However, there is a significant difference here. 

When you are attached to a specific outcome, it means you want to control and obsess about how things will unfold. This invariably creates an energy field of doubt and neediness. You are sending out the vibe that you do not trust the Universe to deliver what you asked for.

While you should definitely get clear about what you want, it is also imperative to understand that your desired outcome could come to you in many different ways, some of which might completely surprise you. Your Higher Self is always working for your highest good so what you might think is best for you might not actually be. 

To increase your personal magnetism, stay open to receiving and to the idea of endless possibilities. One way to practice letting go of attachment to a specific outcome is to conclude your affirmations or intentions with this phrase: “This or something better.”

For example, after setting your intention for a new job, you could say, “This, or something better now manifests for me in divine timing.”

Manifest Now: Practice Gratitude 


Something about gratitude opens up doors of possibilities. Feeling gratitude not only raises your vibration but it also clears the way for more positive things in your life to be grateful for.

Want to attract all your desires? Start by being thankful for what you already have right now and for all the amazing things that are coming your way. 

Gratitude attracts gratitude. The more grateful and appreciative you are, the more reasons you will continue to have to be grateful. 

So, get into the daily habit of appreciating even the smallest things that are easy to take for granted such as your good health, the fact that you can access great food and water, and that you have a roof over your head. Say thank you for everything in your life, even when you are facing difficulties. 

Manifest Now: A Summary

Becoming a powerful magnet requires consistent practice. You do not need to be a saint or special to increase your personal magnetism and manifest. 

Make it a daily habit to monitor your thoughts and challenge inner dialogue that contradicts the truth of who you are—a powerful creator who can magnetize everything they want. 

You have to believe that you deserve the good things in life but more importantly, you have to trust the Universe to deliver these things to you at the right time. It is not your job to worry about how your desired outcome will come about; you just have to set the intention and remain open to receiving. 

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