Law of Attraction Formula for Manifesting a New Home, Car or Trip

You have heard that the Law of Attraction is a powerful way to manifest your desires. 

You have probably even tried some manifestation techniques here and there with no particular results to be happy about. 

Maybe you want to manifest the big stuff. How about a new car, a home, or a dream vacation? You just want a sure-fire Law of Attraction method of doing it.

The truth is, you are always manifesting, but when you are deliberate about the Law of Attraction, you can consciously engineer your life to manifest the things, people, and experiences that make you feel great, joyful, elevated. 

Instead of creating your experiences unaware or moving through life unconsciously, would it not be wonderful if you could have a systematic way to organize your life and choreograph your experiences?

Yes, you have the power to do that! You do not have to be extra smart or incredibly saintly. You are a powerful creator already. 

Here is a powerful Law of Attraction formula you can start to use right now. Use it to set in motion the process of manifesting your new car, home, trip, and every good thing you have always dreamed of. 

Law of Attraction: See Past Your Current Circumstances 

Current circumstances and how we are conditioned to interpret them is one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting using the Law of Attraction. 

law of attraction

When you are nowhere close to having the kind of money you would need to buy your dream home or car or to pay for your dream trip, it might be difficult to see how you could possibly attract these things into your life.

This is called resistance and it is rooted in our belief system and past conditioning. Admittedly, you will not just wake up one day and transcend your own belief system. However, it is entirely possible to illuminate awareness on to your limiting beliefs and resistance. 

When you go through life unaware of how limiting beliefs affect everything in your life, you will continue to attract more of what you already have in your life. This is even when it seems like you are doing everything to make important changes. 

All in all, it takes great awareness to see your present reality for what it is and still have the courage to see past it and imagine what could be. This is what it means to see resistance for exactly what it is and to allow it to pass.

How do you notice resistance? When you are fully in touch with your thoughts and feelings, you can easily identify resistance when it arrives. You might feel fearful, doubtful, or anxious in the pit of your gut. 

When you illuminate these feelings or thoughts with awareness, you can start to ask yourself important questions to challenge your limiting beliefs. 

For example, say you want to manifest your dream car. Resistance might come in the form of lingering doubt. You might then ask yourself, why do I feel doubtful? Is it because I have been conditioned to believe that I do not deserve such a car? Is it because I have been conditioned to believe that such a car only belongs to certain people? 

By identifying your resistance for what it is, you can start to transcend it and therefore bring yourself to a place of believing—believing that you deserve all good things. An unwavering belief in yourself is a key ingredient in seeing past your current circumstances and seeing what could be.

Be Extremely Clear About What You Want 

The next step in this Law of Attraction manifestation formula is clarifying and visualizing what you want. Yes, you want a new car, home, or trip. However, it is not enough to just want or think about those things at a superficial level. 

law of attraction

To manifest or at least fast track the process of manifesting, you have to clearly define what you want. Then, get into a place of feeling what you will feel when what you want manifests.

Feelings are incredibly important in this manifestation game. If you are thinking of something and then feeling a different way about it, there is resistance and that is a major roadblock to manifesting your desires. 

In the same vein, if your thoughts align with your feelings, it means you are in flow and you are open to receiving.

Another reason why feeling is incredibly important is that it allows you to really see the dream in all its glory. And this where the process of manifestation begins. When you can see it, then you can believe it, and when you believe it, you can manifest it.

So, what does it mean to be clear about what you want? It simply means being specific about the essential qualities of what you want. 

Instead of asking for a new car, get clear about the type of car you really want. Decide on the color, brand or make, size, and price. Do you notice how thinking about these details makes you feel? Chances are good that it feels wonderful to think about your dream car in detail. 

The same process applies to your dream trip. Do not stop at just wishing you could travel to, say Greece. Get down to the details of your trip—the preparations, your time at the airport, the hotel you will stay in, the amazing places you will visit, and the wonderful experiences you will have. 

Visualization is a powerful tool you can use to get to a place of clarity and deep feeling. There are numerous visualization techniques and it helps to try one that works best for you. 

A simple technique is to sit in a comfortable position, preferably in a quiet place, close your eyes, and as vividly as possible, imagine what your dream would look like as if it were already manifest. Breathe it, taste it, and feel it down to your bones. As you do this, be an observer of yourself as though you were outside looking at yourself as you live your dream.

Another technique that can help you visualize better is creating a vision board. Cut out a picture of your dream car, home, or destination and place your own picture next to it. Keep your vision board where you can see it regularly. The more you look at these pictures, the clearer your vision will become and the stronger your feelings will grow, helping you to manifest your desires faster. 

Accompany your visualization with affirmations. Affirmations are powerful statements that help to intensify the feeling of already manifesting your desire. To be effective at all, you must speak affirmations in the present, as though you are already living the reality. 

If you want to manifest a vacation trip, an example of an affirmation would be: 

I am happily traveling across (dream destination) and having unforgettable experiences. 

Repeat your affirmation several times a day to stay focused on your dream and to continuously send orders to your subconscious mind to set in motion the process of getting you what you want. Give what you want your attention without fussing about how it will happen.

Law of Attraction: Take Inspired Action

law of attraction

Nothing happens in the material world without action. But there is a difference between plain old action and inspired action. Inspired action will feel effortless not forced, free of any drop of resistance, smooth, flowy, right. 

When you declare and get clear about what you want, stay open to receiving. Your dream car, home, or vacation will not fall from the skies and onto your lap; that is not how the Universe works. Instead, the Universe will avail circumstances, opportunities, and people who, if you choose to pursue, will guide you to your goal. 

This is what it means to take inspired action. You are not just doing things for the sake of it. Rather, you are taking cues from the Universe and intelligently acting on them. 

When you are working under the guidance of the Universe, you are taking the path leading directly to your dream. This is better than getting lost in a maze of other paths that do not lead anywhere or that will take you longer to get to your destination.

To successfully manifest you need to keep your ears, eyes, and heart open to listen, see and perceive the signals the Universe is sending your way. By cultivating awareness, you can instantly seize the opportunities that are sent your way. 

For example, if you are looking to manifest a new house, a favorable business opportunity may come your way that makes you a lot of money, you might be led to enter a competition that could win you enough money for your new house, you might be offered a promotion with a larger salary, etc. The Universe will present the opportunities to you but it is up to you to perceive and act on them.

Let Go of Any Attachments


You are clear about what you want. Your limiting beliefs are not holding you hostage. You can see, feel, taste, breathe your dream so vividly it is as though it’s already a reality. You are taking action. Now, let go and allow yourself to receive. Let go and allow the Universe to do its part.

Do not concern yourself with how or when what you want will come to be. Do not be attached to the outcome. This powerful step gets you into an abundance mindset

When you let go of trying to micromanage every detail of the process, you will see how expansive the playing field is, how endless the possibilities are, how infinite the opportunities. If this is so, why would you be concerned about a particular outcome?

Realize that the car, house, or trip you want could come to you in so many ways. Some of the ways these things might come to you will not be immediately fathomable. Allow the Universe to work on your cosmic order; let the Universe surprise you. 

Attachment is based on past conditioning and is fueled by fear. Whatever it is that you are attached to whether it is a particular outcome, an item, an unhealthy habit, it is rooted in the conditioning that there isn’t enough or that the options are limited. It means that you are scared of losing that which you are attached to because you are doubtful that there are so many other choices out there.  

And guess what? Because you are vibrating on a frequency of doubt, fear, and lack, your physical reality must reflect circumstances that embody doubt, fear, and lack. 

Trust Divine Timing 

What you want will come to your life at just the right moment. You will set yourself free when you transcend your conventional understanding of time. There is our time as humans and then there is Divine Time and as you might have guessed the latter is always stronger than the former. 

No matter what you want to manifest, there lies great comfort and peace-of-mind knowing and surrendering to the fact that everything happens exactly when it is supposed to happen, no exceptions. 

For this Law of Attraction formula to work, you must be completely willing to surrender to Divine Time and give up any attachment to your own timing. This requires you to fully understand that the Universe is always working for you, no exceptions. Even when it seems like what you want is taking too long, that’s the Universe urging you to be patient.

Law of Attraction Summary 

Your past experience and upbringing might have conditioned you to think otherwise but here is the Divine Truth about yourself: You deserve good things! The best part is that you are a powerful creator and you do not have to leave your life up to chance—you can build the life of your dreams. 

At the heart of the creation process is inspired action and trusting that the Universe has your back. Discern and make use of the opportunities the Universe sends your way to help you manifest your desires. Once you do your part, let go, remain open to receiving, and watch the Universe surprise you. 

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