Future-self Friday: What does Lining up with your Vision Mean?

New Moon in Aquarius

I decided to write a new blog post here after taking a break and only writing on my Saudi Diva blog site. I initially took the break to declutter and clean my cupboards and I must admit that I did some cleaning but not all of it!

I’ve been busy working on the business side of things, reading a book about the science behind dating and love and of course creating content for my blog and socials.

Last night’s New moon in Aquarius was really powerful! did you know that the manifestation is at eight times faster this month?! now is the perfect time to set new intentions and release the old. If you’ve been manifesting for a while, then get ready for a major rebirth and manifesting phase. I’m super excited about this!

Law of Attraction and your Future Self

I’m sure you heard so many law of attraction coaches and mentors say that in order to manifest your dream life or partner, you have to line up with it/him.

Well, I like you, would hear this advice and then think to myself: “What exactly does this mean?”

I’ll be honest and say that I used to be very conceptual in my teachings and content. But I lately moved away from being conceptual and leaned into being practical and giving examples from my personal story for each concept that I talk about.

OK, so let me share a story from my life about how I wasn’t lining up with my dream life and how I shifted that.

Lining up with your dream life means that you’re vibrating in a high frequency that’s a match to the one in your dream life. The Universe speaks energy and vibration and that’s the main thing that you should pay attention to when manifesting.

When I wasn’t Lining Up

When I used to live in my old neighborhood, I used to look outside my balcony and see people jogging or walking early morning around the man-made lake.

I would think to myself: “I’m sure these people didn’t have a traumatic childhood. How on earth does someone wake up so early and go for a jog or run?!”

These days, I was still living from a victim mindset and I wasn’t on a deep spiritual growth or healing path.

So I used to feel a separation from these high-vibe, active, positive people who would start their day with an early morning jog or run.

Of course, manifesting my dream life from this vibration or frequency is impossible! because my own energy or aura is not a match to it. My dream life is all about feeling happy, grateful and excited. And I was living from an opposite frequency or vibration.

How I shifted this state and Lined up

Would you believe me if I told you that I now became one of these early morning people? I don’t jog or run because I had a previous knee injury from doing high-impact workouts. But I do love going for long walks and I do it as early as I can.

Because of the pandemic situation, I don’t go out for daily walks. I’m consistent with three days a week where I go for really long walks, coffee and I speak to my Instagram community while I’m out and about.

And this shift didn’t happen by itself or come naturally. It took about four years of doing the deep inner work and spiritual growth.

I know so many NPD abuse survivors who continue to live from a victim mindset and who feel like they just want to be left alone (which I sometimes feel as well).

I just wanted to share that doing the inner work before manifesting is not an option, it’s a must! Most law of attraction coaches won’t tell you this, but it’s the truth.

I’m so grateful that I manifested the resources and coaches/healers to support me on my spiritual growth journey. And now that I’m very close to manifesting and seeing back-to-back signs about it, I realize the importance of the inner work even more.

Sometimes, the shifts are so powerful that I don’t even recognize myself anymore! or I don’t believe that people are being respectful and kind to me! because when you’ve lived with a narcissistic abusive mother for twenty-nine years, it can take a lot of work to get to this magical place where I’m at now. I honestly feel blessed beyond measure.

Why you can’t Jump from one state to the other

I can tell you that to get to this high vibration state of being, you have to be willing to confront the pain and wounds from your past. You have to sit with your painful and negative emotions first. You have to go through the grief or the anger or the sadness.

It’s just the way that healing works. You can’t simply ignore the wounds and the limiting beliefs and say that you’ll just focus on being high vibe and happy. That doesn’t work.

Unless you had a really positive childhood, then you have to do the work to release the blocks and limiting beliefs before you can start manifesting or feeling high vibe.

One-on-one coaching for March

I’m happy to announce that the doors for my one-on-one coaching sessions for March are now open. I have limited spots available, so feel free to contact me through this site to find out more. You can also check out the client results and other coaching information on this site.

I will also be hosting a free five-day training on my Instagram stories early March. So let me know if you have any suggestions for a topic that you would like to learn about.

I’ll be sharing other examples of how you can line up with your future self and dream life in the next blog posts. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I also plan to write two blog posts a week here. One will be on Sunday and the other on Friday. I’m contemplating two topics for the Sunday blog: Dating or Synchronicity. Let me know which one you prefer.

And if you’re still not subscribed to my Saudi Diva blog, go here to subscribe.

Looking forward to hearing from you and connecting with you!



Lining up with my dream life

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