Part One Recap

If you missed Part One of this series of posts, you can read it here.

In that post, I gave a real-life example of what lining up with your future vision and dream life means. Because like you, I was following many law of attraction coaches who would give this advice but not explain what it means in actionable steps or practical ways.

It’s a very powerful step of manifesting and it takes doing the inner work and committing to it to get to that future self and vision.

Part Two of Lining up with your Vision

Today, I thought of sharing another real-life example of what this law of attraction concept means. And it’s something that I’ve experienced lately in my own life.

I grew up in Saudi where most cafes and dining spots are indoors and have separate sections for men and women. This meant that whenever I went out for coffee or a meal, I would sit indoors within closed walls and doors.

Fast Forward a decade later and I would be doing the same thing while living in Dubai – sometimes even when the weather was nice for sitting outdoors!

I did this naturally because this was what my family and societal conditioning was like. Saudi and the rest of the Gulf region have a very reserved and closed culture. Privacy is also at the top of these cultural norms and habits.

While this pandemic might seem like a bad thing for most people, I actually find that it’s speeding up my manifesting process! It’s helping me find my true self – let me explain how.

Since the start of the pandemic season – a year ago – I would go out for coffee and walk around to find a place to sit outside.

Would you believe me if I told you that at the beginning of this season, I was still sitting indoors at cafes? And I don’t mean when I was with a friend, having coffee or a nice breakfast. I’m talking about when I was out getting coffee on my own.

Because I was so used to this habit – it’s a program in my subconscious mind – I kept doing it even when it made no sense at all!

It wasn’t until recently – in the last winter season – that I discovered that my true self likes to get specialty coffee from a van or shop and sit outside to talk to my Instagram community.

How this relates to Manifesting a Partner

This is a perfect example of what lining up with my future vision means.

The truth is that the person who I’m manifesting is an active type – it’s a trait on my list – and athletic types will not sit for hours cooped up inside a cafe!

They are active people who love the outdoors and movement – and that’s what my true self is like too.

But when we are raised in a family system, we take on the habits, beliefs and programs of our caretakers. And these don’t match our true self – the one that’s under all the layers of conditioning.

By being active, going for long walks and then sitting at the front of a specialty coffee van for ten minutes or so to have my coffee, I’m getting closer to manifesting my partner because I’m lining up with his energy and becoming a match to it!

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on this. And feel free to comment with suggestions for a two-day training that I’ll be doing on my Instagram stories next week.

Lining up with your dream life is so exciting!

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