Future-self Friday: The Key is to Kill the Conditioning

Happy Friday from Canggu!

I’ll keep this short post because I want to go for a nice late afternoon/sunset beach walk.

And this is basically what this post is about.

When you are conditioned to lead a sedentary lifestyle and not be active, it take a conscious effort to change that.

Luckily for me, I was always guided by my intuition and soul. So I tried to fit in some kind of workout or movement into my daily schedule even though my parents weren’t the active types.

The idea behind the post is not to encourage fitness or movement or a healthy lifestyle. It’s much deeper than that.

Let me explain this in a simple way. When you have a clear and specific vision for your soul mate and the lifestyle that you want to have, doing something entirely different is only creating resistance and driving you away from your desire.

Let’s say your ideal man is athletic, fit and has a nice body. When you’re spending most of the day either at work or in front of the computer or checking your phone and are not being active, it can be impossible for you to attract someone with those sporty traits.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that manifestation is a long-term process. When we are manifesting something special, we are growing and evolving along the way. It’s not just about having that desire appear in your physical reality. There’s more to manifestation than that. It’s about growing and expanding into the version of you that is better and more content.

The Universe is constantly lining things up for us. But sometimes, we are not ready or are not aligned with our own vision.

I actually came to this realization about two months ago or so when in Dubai.

For example, before healing my inner child wounds and issues, it would be challenging – if not impossible – for me to attract a healthy relationship or man into my life.

In that sense, it was less about the Universe and more about me and where I was in my healing and spiritual growth journey.

How to get Closer to your Future Self

The manifestation that I coach about is all about connecting to your authentic self. Your authentic self is also your future self (because you need to release the conditioning that is not you) and your higher self.

Being connected to the mind and not to the body is one deep conditioning that we need to be aware of and change.

For me, this looks like surrounding myself with others who are connected to their heart instead of mind. Whether they are friends, people who I know or just staff at restaurants/cafes or spas. Literally everywhere.

Another thing that you can do to step into your heart and soul is move your body. When you are active and moving, you start to create new programming to connect to the body instead of the mind. So aim to do at least one type of physical activity each day. This can be simple things like walking or dancing.

Meditation is obviously another great way to bring awareness to your intuition and body. The more time you spend in meditating, the better. These days, I try to wake up at 6:30 am to meditate in silence and the sounds of the birds.

The Conditioning is Different for Everyone

Because we were all raised by different caretakers or parents and in diverse cultures and countries, your role is to be aware of the faulty conditioning that’s standing in your way of manifesting your dream life.

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Let me give you a short example of my negative conditioning. Both my parents are completely mind-identified, with a a very low level of consciousness (almost nonexistent). As I mentioned they are not active people, although my dad does go for daily brisk walks I think.

I did a good amount of inner work to release the mind-identifications and I was always an active person, so that’s OK.

The other big thing about them is the fact that they were anti-social. They would spend their free time on weekends reading or just watching TV.

I mean we had guests from time to time but if you asked me to describe them – especially my dad – then I would say that they are anti-social and introverted individuals.

Now I can’t tell you that I aim to be an extroverted person because I’m an empath and it’s not possible for me to be that sociable or outgoing.

I still enjoy my own company and my personal space on most days. I truly believe this is strongly related to my toxic childhood and the fact that I’m still healing and releasing.

I also enjoy the company of authentic and genuine like-minded people. And I love spending time with friends whenever our schedules are aligned.

But the main reason that I brought this topic up is to tell you that you need to be aware of all the things that are not supporting your manifestation journey and to start making changes.

In my case, I started to go out for dinner and drinks – solo – after my sunset beach walks.

The reason is that since I’m working on manifesting a partner, the key thing is to ‘act as if I already have one’.

Do you think that I would be having a large pizza on my own at my villa if I had a partner? Of course not!

I actually bring this example because I did exactly that last night! LOL but I did it because there was heavy rain and thunderstorms and it wasn’t a good idea to go out for dinner!

On other evenings, when I go for a long, sunset beach walk, I stop by a really cool bar and have a nice dinner and drinks. It actually feels really good and I enjoy my dates with myself.

To keep things simple, keep asking yourself: “What would I be doing if I had a partner?”

If you continue to live like a single person, then guess what? you will stay single!

It’s approaching five o’clock now and I want to make it to the beach and top up my tan.

I’m also going straight to the beach so I’ll be carrying my huge bag with my laptop inside it.

I wanted to give you an idea so that you can see that being uncomfortable should be your way of living, if you’re working on manifesting something big.

Blend being uncomfortable with doing new things each day and acting as if you have a partner and trust me, you will manifest your soul mate vision sooner than you think!

To give you an idea about how my reality is changing, right before writing this post, I saw a lady – who was sitting at this cafe for hours working on her laptop – wait outside. Then, a guy on a motorbike picked her up and they exchanged a kiss on the mouth.

This is a powerful message from the Universe reminding me that my vision is on its way to me.

Because your reality is basically only a reflection of your inner world. In previous Bali trips, I was always surrounded by single, digital nomads – like my old self.

This trip is different though. Because I’m attracting a different kind of reality. When I saw the girl working from her laptop for hours in the cafe, I assumed that she was single.

Then I discovered that she has a partner and this is the magic of setting intentions, trusting the process and noticing the signs!

One last note: I don’t usually pay attention to how every woman leaves the cafe, but since my Gojek incident, I’ve been noticing how most women commute in Canggu! just to see if everyone uses Gojek or some other mode of transport.

Thankfully I’m back to using Gojek and I’m grateful for my freedom and independence!

OK, time for my beach walk followed by a light dinner – and maybe a drink!

Love Messages from the Universe!

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