Future-self Friday: Stop Hiding from Yourself!

Happy Friday!

Today’s topic is something that’s been on my mind since the pandemic and lockdowns started. But I only managed to login to my Soul Collective dashboard this Friday so I get to share it with you guys today.

If you want to meet an expert in hiding from one’s self, emotions and life in general, then you’ve met me in the past 39 years or so!

Until very recently, when I discovered the deep Osho inner work and group therapies, I was someone who filled their days and night with all kinds of distractions and to-do-lists.

While a lot of us – who had a similar family and societal conditioning – call this being productive and working on improving one’s self, it’s actually an unhealthy coping mechanism.

The reality is that if you can’t connect with your own inner self and feel your emotions at any given moment, then you can’t connect with others either.

This paradigm is highlighted in these pandemic days as people spend their lockdown days in doing every single activity you can think of! LOL

And they are proud that they are being productive – and many times – even multitasking!

While it’s a great idea to make use of the extra time in learning a new skill, improving one’s cooking, writing a book or taking an online course, it’s equally important to take a sacred pause and sit with yourself and your emotions.

What this sacred pause looks like is different for everyone.

Some people enjoy meditation, others might do some type of healing yoga practice, I personally spend time nurturing my inner child (Leela).

Whatever helps you connect with your inner, higher self and your emotions can be a great practice.

The whole point of this pandemic is for us to shift as a humanity to the next level of our consciousness.

So when you spend your self-isolation time in ‘doing’ mode, you are not really leveling up. In fact, you are just staying stuck in old patterns, habits and destructive ways of living!

Once I started to connect to my inner self, I found it easy to deepen and nurture my female friendships.

Mainly because when I’m connected to myself and my emotions, it feels natural for me to connect with others in the same way.

What we feel within ourselves is reflected in our reality and our relationships.

So if you find yourself struggling to connect with others, explore your relationship with yourself.

Are you connected to your inner self? are you embracing the entire range of emotions that come up for you?

Are you judging yourself when you feel any kind of sadness, pain or anger?

This is a priceless opportunity for you to re-connect with your true self and release old patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

It’s a beautiful season for spiritual growth, healing and releasing the old energy, ancestral wounds and trauma.

Despite having to do more things now, since I spend a lot of time in house chores and cooking, I aim to dedicate time each evening to sit with my inner child and nurture her.

I encourage you to set aside time at the end of each for self-reflection and pausing from the ‘doing’ mode.

The main idea is to stop the thoughts and tune in to your body and how you’re feeling.

It can be challenging at first, especially if you were conditioned to live out of your mind. But with practice, this can get easier and you will start to connect from a heart-space more often.

This pandemic is all about the collective energy and how us humans need to wake up and step into the next level of our consciousness.

Yes, there’s a virus spreading. But it’s only the tool for us to wake up and become enlightened.

The virus is not the main show or issue. It’s us humans and our old, toxic ways of living.

I’ll be writing another post to explain how you can spend more time in the ‘being’ mode and less in the ‘doing’ soon.

Until then, stop hiding from yourself because it’s begging you to connect to it and stop neglecting its presence and light.



Hiding from yourself only pushes love away from you

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