Future-self Friday: Reality is an Illusion! You Create it!

Happy Friday!

Today’s post is like the foundation for all of the Law of Attraction concepts and tools!

I felt that it’s my responsibility to share this fact with anyone who’s working on manifesting their dream life using the magical law of attraction.

Reality is an Illusion!

Have you ever wondered why some people enter your life and then suddenly disappear? or maybe you are friends for a few years and then they somehow exit your life?

This is because everything that you see and experience in your reality is entirely created by YOU!

Your thoughts, emotions and state of being are what create your physical reality. And this is not just a theory or concept. It’s a fact and a material world reality.

Let me explain with some examples from my personal life.

When I first moved out of my parents’ home for good, I was attracting souls who reflected the way that my parents treated me: You’re not good enough.

This was evident everywhere I went. I once became friends with a couple where the guy would tell me that my blog’s pictures weren’t good or professional and then went on to compare my content and photos to that of another blogger.

Because I was always into personal growth, I didn’t allow his words to affect me or make me feel bad about myself, my content or pictures at all.

I understood tha perception is projection and that he was simply projecting his personal views and feelings of ‘not good enough’ onto me.

This incident happened sometime in 2012 or 2013. It was when I first started blogging and I had a different blog name.

Fast forward many years later and I now attract other who support my work and share positive feedback about it. They don’t need to express what’s not perfect because that’s not the energy that they practice or put out into the world.

What did I do differently? well it took a great amount of inner work, wellness retreats, Osho group therapy and other spiritual growth practices and tools.

Your Inner World Creates your Reality

Let me explain how this works.

Basically, your inner thoughts, emotions, self-talk, views about yourself and state is what creates everything that you see in your reality.

So if you’re not happy with the kind of energy that you’re seeing, the type of people that you interact or the experiences that you’re having now, the only way to change this is by shifting your inner world and state of being.

You can start observing your thoughts: what do you tell yourself? what tone of voice do you use when speaking to yourself? do you constantly judge and criticize yourself and your every decision?

Once you notice a negative or self-liming thought, acknowledge it for what it is: a program. Then, either let it go or replace it with a positive thought, emotions.

Bringing awareness to your thoughts and emotions at each moment takes time and practice. So don’t give up and keep acknowledging the negative thoughts and then releasing them.

With time, you will start to notice that your external reality has shifted as well.

You will attract kind, supportive and loving souls. People everywhere will want to help and extend a loving hand.

I personally experienced this shift dramatically in my last Bali trip.

The reception staff at the Seminyak hotel where I stayed for two weeks were extremely kind, loving and thoughtful.

They treated me with respect, love and pure kindness.

I wrote about this in an earlier post and expressed how it even felt confusing because I never experienced anything like it before!

Energy is Everything

Are you wondering why you are attracting toxic people and negative energy into your life?

When we experience trauma or negative childhood experiences, this energy becomes imprinted in our field. So if you experienced abuse as a child, you will continue to attract abusive people and relationships in your reality until you do the inner work to shift your energy.

What’s also worth mentioning is that not only are you experiencing like energy from the outside world, you are also treating yourself with that same toxic energy!

We self-sabotage ourselves in many ways. This includes negative self-talk, constantly criticizing and judging ourselves and even rejecting ourselves.

This self-sabotage is translated into an energy that you emit which tells people how you feel about yourself.

That’s when, you attract like energy from the outside world and from others.

In short, it’s a vicious cycle!

It’s not your fault that you are attracting toxic energy into your life. But it’s definitely you responsibility to do the inner work required to shift this energy!

Spiritual growth and healing takes time. So be patient and don’t give up!

Healthy Boundaries are Key

One way to start shifting your reality and attracting supportive and loving people is to set boundaries with toxic and negative people.

The main thing that I personally regret is not setting healthy boundaries with toxic family members (yes, this includes parents too) earlier in life.

I truly believe that the main lesson that my soul is put on this earth to learn in Boundaries.

I say this because I’m constantly being tested on this lesson until today!

In the past, I would allow toxic people into my life and give them space even as friends!

This of course is the worst thing that you can do because it only delays your shift and manifestations.

When you allow more toxicity and abuse (emotional, verbal, psychological), you continue to create a negative reality for yourself. And you continue to live in a loop!

This loop is created by your self-limiting thought, emotions, habits, patterns and by the toxic people that you are allowing into your life.

Setting healthy boundaries is only the beginning of this journey!

This is like the foundation and basic step!

Because once you do, you will have to start observing your thoughts, emotions and state and making constant changes as you grow and evolve.

This is a very long, but rewarding journey. And I’m happy to report this from the other side!

These days, I look back at specific friendships and people and I wonder how I allowed them to happen.

Of course, self-compassion is important too.

Because if I knew any better, I wouldn’t have allowed it right?

The same perception applies to my childhood and family experiences.

Do you think I would allow the hidden abuse and other negativity if I understood and knew what I know now? of course not!

What I can do is look at my past with compassion, gratitude and wisdom.

Because it’s giving me a golden opportunity to create a magical future for myself.

Some people aren’t even aware of the concept of creating your reality and they are simply tagging along this life.

Creating your Reality and Social Media

I want to share that not only does this concept apply to people who you meet in real life, but this also works for social media connections.

What I like to do is to declutter my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whenever I feel the need to.

What this means is that I unfriend or unfollow any accounts that I feel no longer resonate with my soul and the person who I am.

Now because I’ve been on quite a journey, this happens very often.

Think of it as releasing old energy to make space for the new one to enter.

If you keep these old, toxic or simply useless connections, then you’re just cluttering your energetic field with energy that doesn’t belong in it.

This can really prevent new and good energy from coming into your reality.

Just try releasing old and toxic social media connections and watch what happens.

I was just clearing my Instagram on Thursday as I’m taking an online IG growth course. And I unfollowed so many accounts that I was banned from continuing with the unfollow!

I will definitely go back to this decluttering on Sunday and make sure to unfollow any accounts that no longer resonate with me and who I am today.

Look Inwards and Start Shifting your Energy

Let’s say that you’ve cut all toxic connections from your real life and on social media but you still experience toxic or negative energy.

Apart from simply ignoring the toxicity and choosing to not engage with those individuals or entangle yourself in that energy, you can keep focusing within.

Remember that what you experience in the outside world is simply an illusion and as much as this concept is difficult to grasp for most people, it’s the truth!

Just try following my tips of blocking negative energy and observing your thoughts and see what happens.

It might take time though, I must warn you.

It’s not an overnight fix. Brining self-awareness to every aspect of your life take persistence and patience.

Would you be interested in a month-long training on the topic of creating your reality?

Let me know in the comments!



Reality is an illusion

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