Future-self Friday: Living from a Place of Being an Energetic Match

I was walking to the grocery store for my weekly big shop yesterday morning. On my way, I always pass by a specific cafe and look around to see who’s sat there. This time, there was a powerful message about my partner.

There was a guy sat there having a chat with the waiter. And this is something that I also like to do when I visit any place – especially when it’s the first time.

Basically, this person reflected one of the traits in my soulmate wish list and that’s someone who is life-smart and street-wise.

Let me explain why this powerful message showed up for me yesterday although I pass by the same spot every single week.

What I did this week was go on a different day and leave home later than usual. I did this because I had a nail appointment on Wednesday and I was busy writing my grocery list and deciding on the recipes early that morning.

If you want to understand more about how shaking up your routine helps in manifesting clues and messages about your desire, check this blog post.

Why is it Important to Live from a Place of Being an Energetic Match

The way that the law of attraction works is that like energy attracts like. So you can only manifest what’s already part of who you are in essence.

Let’s say that I want to manifest a man who’s life-smart and who likes to chat with random strangers at cafes. Unless I’m someone who’s also life-smart and who genuinely enjoys chatting with people everywhere I go, then it can be difficult to manifest that person.

You can explore this basic LOA concept from this blog post.

This is why it’s also important to reverse engineer the process after you write the list of traits that you’re looking for in a partner.

What’s interesting is that although I was always this life-smart and wise person, after doing an intense inner child group therapy workshop in the winter of 2019, I went through a long phase of integration and processing.

During that time, I was staying at home and not leaving my apartment. I was ordering everything online and I didn’t even go outside for walks. I intentionally chose to just stay at home and process the inner child work.

While doing the deep work is important and necessary for manifesting, I now understand why I didn’t attract anyone in those months. My vibration was totally off.

Apart from not being in a high vibration to attract love, I was not acting or living from a place of being life-smart and outgoing.

I was hiding in my one-bedroom apartment and avoiding all social connection or communication.

This is actually a really powerful tip because if you can be an energetic match to your desire, you won’t be living from a place of need or desperation. You can read all about this and how it repels your desire from coming to you in this blog post.

When you know that you can effortlessly manifest a person who matches your energy and soul essence, you can trust the manifestation process more and live from a place of surrender and letting go.

What type of energy are you currently manifesting with? are you an energetic match to your desire? do you feel that you’re asking for someone who has certain traits that you don’t yet have? let me know where you are in the manifesting process in the comments!



How to Manifest by Being an Energetic Match to your Desire

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