Future Self Friday: Live out of your Core Vibration to Manifest Faster

Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone

I love living like a local when traveling. I’m writing this post from Seniman Bakery – right next to Seniman Coffee Studio.

It’s a cozy little spot in a street in Central Ubud, where locals mostly live. I discovered Seniman Coffee Studio from a Barista at another Ubud cafe. Then, when I was telling a friend (my Bali photographer actually) about it, she recommended the newly opened Seniman Bakery right next door to the original specialty cafe!

I feel so blessed to be working from this spot because I feel like a local here. I’m sitting at a long bench and I have the entire table for myself. I’m facing a wide window with a street view. Today’s weather is just perfect – sunny with a light breeze. Life is great and I feel blessed for every single moment!

In addition to so many magical synchronicities, I keep seeing angel number 23 everywhere I look. It’s a message from my angels to continue to trust in the Universe as I manifest my desires.

In my previous post on Saudi Diva about the importance of switching up your routine, I spoke about how I went on a morning trek which is organized by the hotel where I’m currently staying in Ubud. And how doing things differently can help with manifesting messages from the Universe re-assuring you that you’re on the right path.

Well, this morning, I went on the same trek and we took a different route which goes into Ubud’s jungle. Guess what? I saw even more magical messages because the route was very rough and narrow at some points. I’m so grateful for this new route and I’ll be telling you more about this in my next post.

Today’s post is all about how I feel like I’ve completely stepped into a new me. This Bali trip is unlike any other that I’ve made in the past. Simply because I’m doing things in a totally new and different way.

What’s interesting is that with each passing day, I step more powerfully into my future self. And then I look at the day before and laugh at my old self! Seriously, this is how things have been going since I’ve arrived to Bali on January 5.

Like when I thought that going on a 9:45 am morning trek to Central Ubud instead of taking the hotel’s shuttle bus was stepping outside of my comfort zone. I now think that’s so funny because how I spent my day yesterday and today’s trek prove otherwise!

Yesterday was the epitome of stepping out of comfort and doing things that I would not normally do.

Do you remember my new friends Adam and Aggi from my Ubud hotel?

Well, I spent all of yesterday exploring Ubud with them. I went to the Bali Swing for the first time despite this being my sixth trip to the island!

Do Things that Make you Uncomfortable

We left the hotel at 8:00 am to go to the Bali Swing. I usually spend my morning meditating in my hotel room and then have my juice and head out for the trek. Because I have a valley view room, I’ve been spending an average of an hour in silent meditation on the mornings since I moved to this property. And I’m a big fan of silent meditation. It’s a sacred daily ritual. So for me to break the routine and leave the hotel at 8:00 am is already a good move towards manifesting messages.

I set my alarm to 6:00 am and meditated for thirty minutes before starting to get ready for my ‘stepping out of comfort day’.

The Bali Swing we went to (apparently there are a couple of those in Bali) had seven different swings and Instagram photo opportunities.

Of course the love messages and synchronicities were back to back, because I was doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. I left the hotel at 8:00 am AND I went on an adventure with another couple who I just met at the hotel!

At Bali Swing, I was surrounded by couples who were there for the Instagram worthy photo shoots and my new friends’ adventurous vibes. The couple met while Sky Diving at a center in Australia!

After Bali Swing, we went for a trek a the lush Campuhan Ridge Walk. It was my second time there and I wrote a blog post about my first visit to the famous Ubud walk about two and a half years ago. I will link to it later.

What was cool about this walk is that we ended up having a homemade Indonesian lunch at a very authentic cafe with a rice field view. This was another step for me outside of my usual central Ubud ‘Western’ cafe lunch choices.

My vegetarian Nasi Goreng with Sambal was so good and we continued our walk back into central Ubud after that.

The next stop was Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest – another place which I’ve been to in a previous Ubud trip. But being with a couple and seeing all the baby monkeys made this trip really special.

The vibes were entirely different. We walked around most of the Monkey Forest before sitting down for Kombucha and a fresh fruit platter and stopping at a few shops on the way.

Because my new friends had some knee and foot injuries, I recommended my favorite foot reflexology and massage place – which was conveniently located a few minutes from where we were having our afternoon break.

My friend’s finance went for a massage first. Then we followed and I got a thirty-minute foot reflexology session with my favorite therapist. Who I’m actually seeing in exactly 25 minutes for my last foot massage in Ubud. He’s off tomorrow or I would have gone tomorrow as well!

When we were both done with our foot massages, we walked around and met their friends for dinner. We had a lovely dinner paired with Sangria at a very cozy and authentic spot close to the Ubud market.

The reason I shared with you the details is to show you how things unfolded in my best interest. Even though I didn’t plan out my day or have a fixed schedule.

I joined my new friends for the Bali Swing and this led to a magical day exploring Ubud and doing new things, and some old things in a different vibration.

When you live out of your core vibration – in my case this is freedom – and do new things, messages show up for you and the Universe supports you all the way.

Leading a fulfilling and happy life on your own is key to manifesting a healthy relationship.

Being a female solo traveler can be draining. But when you focus on the positive aspects of exploring new places and meeting new people, traveling solo can be a very rewarding and exciting time!

Try doing one new thing each day. Explore your hobbies and interests. Be open to receiving guidance and messages from the Universe.

In my next post, I’ll be talking to you in detail about how exploring and practicing your hobbies can help you dive into your future and higher self.

Until then, sending you healing blessings and love from mystical Ubud!

Living out of your core vibration is key to manifesting your desires
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Stepping out of Comfort
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