FUTURE-SELF FRIDAY: Keep Making Decisions Aligned with your True Self

Most people think that there’s a magic potion or wand that they can use to shift their old patterns and limiting beliefs.

The reality is that even if you work with a coach to support you in letting go of old beliefs and programs, you still need to make decisions that are aligned with that new version of yourself.

Let me share an example from my own family conditioning.

Old Self: Practical, Mind-identified, Leads with Masculine Energy

Even after years of doing deep inner work, I’m still bringing awareness to certain things that I need to change to get closer to my future self and dream life.

One of these things is living in a way that’s practical and doing things that make sense all the time.

The truth is that life is messy and things aren’t always black or white. Plus, intuition is far more powerful than the logical mind.

If you had a similar family conditioning where you were encouraged to always think in a rational, logical way. And where you can only do something if it makes total sense and seems like a practical option, then you will resonate with this post.

Another thing about people who were raised to follow logic, rational thinking and the mind is that they tend to analyze everything. They also try to find solutions to problems. When in reality, not everything has a valid reason behind it! Some things simply don’t make sense and that’s totally OK!

If you’re confused about how to shift this pattern, start a practice to re-activate your intuition. This will help you tune into how you feel about something instead of how you think about it.

There are many blog posts on Saudi Diva about developing your intuition. This most recent one has three practical tips that you can start applying today.

I have a story that will help you understand this concept better.

On the days when I go grocery shopping, I like to pass by a place to have coffee before I go to the store.

I would always choose a spot that’s convenient. It had to be somewhere near the store or even at the same mall where the store is located.

This was something that I did for ages. I turn 41 this Thursday and I just started bringing awareness to this pattern and making different decisions to shift it!

Because my family conditioning is all about being practical and logical, I was always choosing cafes that were convenient and on the way. I would rarely get out of my own way by exploring new places that were not as convenient to get to.

Of course when I share this story about cafes and stores, this applies to everything else in my life.

So I would always choose practicality over what feels right. As an empath, feeling good when I visit any place is crucial. And I just started to notice the energy of different places recently!

I can talk about this in a future blog post.

Make Intentional Decisions in Each Moment

What you can do to shift any old pattern that you feel is impacting your life in a negative way and holding you back from manifesting your dream life or partner is simple.

Each time you notice an old pattern bring awareness to it and then make an intentional decision that’s aligned with your future/true self.

For example, I can choose to go to cool places that have a good energy, even if they’re not convenient to get to.

As long as the place has a good energy to it and I feel comfortable when I visit, that’s all that matters.

Because life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, without any self-imposed restrictions or limitations.

I can assure you that this is the most powerful way to get closer to manifesting your dream life and person.

You just have to keep doing the spiritual growth work and not put any timeline on manifestation.

Let me know what old patterns and beliefs are holding you back from manifesting your dream life?

Shifting old patterns

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