Future-self Friday: Investing in All Areas of my Life

I haven’t written a new blog post on here for a while. It’s because I would choose to do other things with my time on Fridays.

Not that I don’t post to my Facebook group and check other things online, I sill do work-related stuff. But I choose to dedicate more time to other areas of my life these days.

Since the last blog post on here, I turned 40. And I realized that because of my childhood, so many ares of my life were neglected for a long time.

Like these days, I practice blow drying my hair at home (it’s still not working out well) and this is something that I never really invested in throughout my life.

Although I did try some hair smoothing treatments in the past couple of years, I never really took the time to find a way to style my frizzy hair.

For anyone who has been through trauma and abuse, you will understand what I mean. If you haven’t, then it will be difficult for you to get my message by sharing this.

Dating Rules

Another thing that I started doing very late is dating. I only started seriously dating for long term relationships about two years ago.

And if you’re single, you will understand that this is something that takes practice and experience. Unless you’re connecting with someone with a similar conditioning as yours, dating can be tough and exhausting.

I’m not saying that you should aim to find someone with a similar family or societal conditioning. I’m actually saying that you should do the opposite. Which is uncover your true self from under the conditioning and then manifest someone with the traits that you want to have in a partner.

What I meant was that most people just connect with someone who has a similar conditioning to theirs and that’s why they might not have a difficult time dating or finding a partner.

I also recently realized that because I’m very spiritual, I invested so much time and energy in learning how to manifest a partner and so little time in understanding how to date properly.

And guess what? after listening to a number of podcasts on the topic of dating – and through a series of synchronicities – I manifested a ‘Dating Rules’ document written from a male perspective! It basically has all the rules that you should do to be successful in dating.

Since I’ve done a lot of inner work and attended a wellness retreat around the topic of understanding men, I was aware of some the rules in that handbook. But at the same time, I realized that I had done so many of the things that you shouldn’t do.

Do I regret not discovering this dating rules guide earlier? absolutely not!

Because everything always happens at the right time. And all of the experiences that I had in the past were essential for me to get to where I am and to learn the rules of dating!

So if you ask me what I’m excited about next, I will tell you that it’s not meeting the perfect match. But applying and practicing the rules of dating when I meet someone interesting next!

My perception on dating has shifted so much and I now have so much clarity about the topic. I’m no longer wishing and expecting. Instead, I’m now self-aware and armed with the tools that will make my dating experience exciting!

Life is all about learning and I understand that what makes my life unique is that I have to learn as much as I can about any topic. That way, I can help other women.

I always thought that there must be a valid reason to why my life partner manifestation is taking long to manifest. I now know the answer.

It’s because the Universe is preparing me for success. It wants me to succeed so I can help other women manifest their dream partners too.

And learning all the secrets and tips of both manifestation and dating is essential.

I will definitely share with you these dating rules once I re-open my one-on-one coaching sessions. For now, stay tuned for new blog posts on both here and Saudi Diva blog. Make sure that you are subscribed to both newsletters to stay updated with new blog posts and for the re-launch of my life coaching services.

In the next blog post, I will share with you how I had to fight for my freedom. And why my life unfolded in the way that it did.

Did you start Dating at an early age? Are you currently investing all of your energy into one area of your life? If so, which one is that?

~ Saudi Diva
Dating in mid-life

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  1. I liked to read your post. I like the site. How is dating going? You must have many men interested as you very beautiful. How would a man impress you so you want to date them?

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