Future Self Friday: How to Step into your Future Self and Create a New Reality

Old Self and Conditioning

It’s 4:52 pm on the day of the Wolf Full Moon. A powerful time to release the old and bring in the new.

So much has been happening since I arrived to Ubud on the fifth of January. I honestly don’t know where to start.

I’ll try my best to not miss out anything important from the past two days. Basically, I’ve done so much inner work and healing that I no longer recognize myself. All the magical encounters, the number synchronicities and the abundance is just something that I’ve never experienced before!

Let me start by explaining something about how I’m creating the change.

My conditioned/old self used to plan the days around food or going to cafes. I would do some activity but it wouldn’t be the main thing. This is mainly because I was raised in a home where being active and sporty wasn’t encouraged.

Because I was – and still am – the rebel, I always did things differently and I would try to be active within the confinement of my circumstances. Food is a major thing in Arab culture and our life revolves around it.

I’m still a foodie and I love to eat and am very selective and mindful of the food that I put into my mouth.

But the new me no longer plans my Bali days around food or different cafes.

I now plan my day around activities – and these can be relaxing ones too – and the food or coffee is just a complimentary element.

Let me explain by giving you an example of yesterday.

A New Way of Being

Yesterday for example, instead of having the hotel breakfast first thing in the morning, I went for a guided walk in the village. The walk was organized by the hotel and it’s a lovely way to get some activity into the day before breakfast..

What you need to understand is that stepping into your future self requires conscious effort. You don’t wake up one day and realize that you’re a different person! It takes conscious steps in each moment to think, feel and act differently.

I’ll be honest and say that I got an energy ball and coconut water the evening before my first morning walk. I thought that I would need to have something to eat before going on the one-hour walk! I just laughed out loud while typing these words and this was me just three days ago!

As you can tell, changing to a better version of yourself takes consistent practice.

Of course, I didn’t have the energy ball before our 8:30 am walk or even drink the coconut water, because we were given water bottles!

I actually loved the walk so much that I went again today and will be joining again until I check out of the hotel.

Rice fields in Kepitu village in Ubud, Bali
Rice fields in Kepitu village in Ubud, Bali

I also had a one-hour Balinese massage booked in at noon. This was very relaxing and I look forward to my second message tomorrow. I get two because I’m staying alone!

Post one hour Balinese massage bliss!
Post one hour Balinese massage bliss!

My energy has shifted so much that I can strike a conversation or have small talk with almost anyone. Actually I was always like this but now the difference is that I get approached by other people too!

Let me tell you a short story about the 90-minute yin yoga class that I attended yesterday.

The instructor was amazing and she let us stay in each pose for around three to five minutes. There were only three students in the class because it’s a studio inside a cool spa. So my guess is not many people know about the yoga classes there.

After the class, this student started talking to me – obviously because my energy is very open now! – and we went to have our complimentary Jamu at the spa’s cafe together.

What was interesting is that she seemed to be an empath and was into yin yoga like me. So not only am I attracting number and love synchronicity, I’m also attracting like-minded people everywhere I go!

We were talking about the different studios that offer yin yoga in Ubud and where we thought were good options.

The thing is, she was trying to find out about new studios where she can attend yin yoga sessions. I shared with her my thoughts and where I’ve checked out.

I later asked her for her Facebook account name and we said goodbye.

What happened next was magical!

While my new friend walked back to her hotel, I went to my favorite Ubud cafe to check a few things on my phone.

I noticed a yoga studio right next to the cafe. I saw this studio the day before but I didn’t give it much attention because I thought that I already knew the best yoga studios in Ubud and I didn’t need to discover or explore new places. Well I was wrong.

The studio is actually not on the street level but is located in the second floor of a building. You have to take stairs to get there and it’s labeled as the ‘least pretentious yoga studio in Ubud’ by TripAdvisor reviewers!

Obviously I went up, heard the background tunes of the ongoing yin class and I knew that I found my place!

I plan to try a class tomorrow and check if they provide mats because I don’t have my own.

The magic in this story is the fact that I set the intention to take yin yoga classes while in Ubud, spoke about it with another yogi (b.t.w. I’m not a yogi but that lady who I met was) and then let it go. And just like that, I discovered the least pretentious and most affordable yoga studio in Ubud – which also happens to have yin yoga classes every evening of the week!

Why my Experience was Different than my New Friend’s Experience

I wrote a post on my blog Saudi Diva, about how you must take inspired action first and then surrender to the Universe.

Here’s the thing, because I’m the type who likes to be out and about and explore, I didn’t go back to my hotel after my yoga class. I chose to go to my favorite cafe where I was checking a few things and then had a spaghettini for dinner (I know very random for Bali!).

Because my new friend went back to her hotel, she didn’t manifest the new yoga studio with classes for almost half the price of the place we met! LOL and where they have yin yoga on the daily!

I discovered a hidden gem of a yoga studio in Ubud! no one told me about it, I didn’t google it. It just came to me!

Sometimes, our past life experiences make us shut down. We get used to living in a box of our own creation. We guard ourselves from the world because we’re afraid to get hurt or disappointed.

The truth is, once you do the inner work and heal your past wounds, your energy and reality naturally shifts!
You start to attract everything that’s in your favor and manifestation becomes super easy!

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Yin Yoga in Ubud, Bali
Yin Yoga in Ubud, Bali

Number Synchronicity Everywhere!

Since arriving to Ubud and staying in room number 911, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of number synchronicities and this afternoon, Angel number 888 showed up for me in a very clear and big sign!

After googling the spiritual meaning of ‘888’, I was glad to find out that it’s a symbol of abundance! There are different meanings for this number variation but the main ones that resonate with me are that I’m in the flow of true abundance and that I have an abundance mindset that attracts opportunities to me!

Honestly, I feel so grateful for all the miracles that are showing up for me since my arrival to Ubud.

Here are some of the number synchronicities from today:

Number synchronicity in the streets of Ubud!
Number synchronicity in the streets of Ubud!
Number synchronicity in the streets of Ubud!
Number synchronicity in the streets of Ubud!

Trust and you Shall Receive!

It’s a Wolf Full Moon. I was getting ready for some of my old wounds to resurface today or for some really hard lessons while walking down the streets of Ubud. But instead, all that was showing up was angel numbers and ‘Love’ messages`!

As I was walking to the cafe to write this blog post, I saw a family of four wearing the same T-shirt with the word ‘Love’ written on it!

They were standing right outside of the Ubud market, I was on the other side of the street and I managed to take a few shots!

I normally don’t take pictures of people but this was a very powerful message that I had to break my own rules for it!

I hope that my love messages and recent synchronicity stories inspire you to start creating your reality from inside out.

Enjoy tonight’s Wolf Full Moon ritual – if you choose to do one – and let me know how things are going with your manifestation journey!



'Love' Family in front of the Ubud market
‘Love’ Family in front of the Ubud market

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