Future-self Friday: How to Make the Most of your Lockdown Life

So I didn’t write any new blog posts on my original blog Saudi Diva this week. I have an interesting reason to why I chose not to write this past week.

On the last Solstice New Moon and Solar Eclipse, I did a powerful manifestation ritual and since then, I feel a major shift in my energy!

Basically, I’m no longer living out of fight or flight mode and trying to make things happen in all areas of my life. I’m not forcing anything to happen and I don’t feel like I have to be productive when I don’t feel like it.

This shift happened so naturally right after the New Moon ritual and I didn’t even set an intention for it! I was setting intentions for my soul mate vision as I usually do.

What’s magical about this story is how the Universe will help you get closer to your vision as long as you set a clear intention and do the inner work and other work to manifest a new reality for yourself.

When you show the Universe that you are serious about your desire and take inspired action, things start shifting for your advantage.

The fact that I’m now vibrating from a more grounded and centered energy means that I can attract my vision to me faster. Because that’s how I will feel in the future once everything falls into place!

So instead of waiting for things to change in my outer reality, I start by living from that future state of being in the NOW. That’s how you can attract that future vision to you right now.

And that’s simply why I chose to not write any new posts on Monday or Wednesday as I usually do on Saudi Diva. I felt like I needed time to process and integrate this beautiful new energy and way of being!

How to Make Lockdown Life Work for You

I had a friend mention to me recently that she feels bored. I understand that people can get bored while staying at home all the time. But there’s a deeper reason for this.

When I know that this person still doesn’t have any specific hobby or activity that they engage in, then I can see that this boredom has a very easy solution.

I personally discovered my favorite hobbies once the lockdown started.

Because you’re forced to connect with your inner self, you start to see things from a different perspective. Everything gets more clear.

As you start to follow your interests and do what you love only, you create a stronger connection with your inner self and this leads to exploring your hobbies and passions.

Another thing that we can all do in this season is re-activate our creativity. Most of us were raised in homes where our creative parts were suppressed. If that’s not your case, then you’re very lucky and blessed.

When you tune into that buried creative aspect of your soul, you start discovering new things that you can do with your free time.

Some people like to paint, draw or color. Other like to dance or sing. Writing and cooking are also great creativity outlets.

Whatever brings you joy and helps you connect with your soul is what you can go for.

Another thing that’s keeping me busy this season is learning new skills.

I managed to learn how to use and clean a coffee machine, how to color my full hair on my own at home, how to clean my entire apartment, how to wash and iron bed sheets and pillow cases. And soon, I will start baking cakes and brownies. I just bought a hand blender recently and I’m so excited to start making vegan treats and other baked goods.

Are you living in a clean and neat space? you can also take time to declutter and get rid of old stuff that you don’t use and that has old energy.

Are you spending time in solitude and just connecting to your inner self?

This is actually one of the most valuable things that you can do in this season because it will help develop your intuition and get you closer to manifesting your dream life.

Talking about manifesting, are you scripting and visualizing your dream life?

Do you know what kind of life you want to create? do you want to manifest a romantic relationship? do you want to expand your connections and make new friends?

All of these are amazing goals that most of us have but are you really taking the time to do the LOA work to get closer to manifesting these magical things?

I honestly feel so grateful for this time because it’s helping me connect with my true self in a very powerful way. Like I said, I discovered my hobbies and I make time for them almost daily.

There’s so much that you can do when you’re locked up at home with no where to go.

I would say that if you feel bored then there’s a great chance that you’re not tuning into your creativity or inner self.

Why not start doing some of the things that I mention in today’s post and then see how you feel?

Check out this blog post about the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle for some inspiration.

You can also let me know if you have any specific topic that you want me to cover in an upcoming FREE week-long online course. Feel free to comment with your ideas.

Sending you love and light.



How to make the most of Lockdown Life

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