Future-self Friday: How to Get Closer to your Future-self and Dream Vision

So I’m feeling so excited for what’s coming next. Basically because I’m getting so many signs that my soul mate is on his way to me!

I’ll be happy to share these signs in a future post if you’re interested. I can also create an online course on the soul mate manifestation topic once I’ve manifested my vision.

What are you excited about these days? let me know in the comments!

Acting as your Future-self is Key

Just yesterday, I had a major realization about my future vision and the life that I’m trying to manifest.

So my dream vision includes owning a vegetarian cafe with my soul mate. This is the vision that I’ve been scripting for some time.

Of course this is the latest one because I kept changing it as I evolved and that’s OK. Because the Universe will send you messages to help you get closer to the one that’s mostly aligned with your soul essence and true self.

I have a vegan meal plan delivered to my doorstep five days a week, they have a discount this month and I highly recommend them if you live in Dubai. Just comment on this post and I’ll share the link for the vegan meal plan company.

Since I only cook on weekends, I realized that I’m not really investing much energy into being and living my dream vision.

Being an entrepreneur is very time-consuming and it’s a long journey.

I’m either posting to social media or my Facebook group, writing new blog posts, thinking of ideas, communicating with my digital marketing agency and reviewing project proposals and website design layouts or taking online courses to scale my business!

To be honest with you, entrepreneur life doesn’t leave much space for anything. And because I also work on manifesting my vision – by taking inspired action – the time left for actually living that vision is limited!

What this means is that I wasn’t really spending much time testing new recipes or really indulging in good food.

I have amazing cook books and I do take time to try new recipes on the weekend. But the energy behind this was more of a ‘doing’ than ‘being and embodying’ energy.

So today, I decided to do things differently.

I started my morning by making pancakes – they didn’t turn out great – but it was an improvement from the previous times that I tried to make them in the past.

Then, I made myself a nice cappuccino and spent time posting to my socials.

For lunch, I made a simple soba noodle stir fry which was really tasty! a bit too spicy but I like spicy food so it was great.

No dinner since I had a late lunch. But I plan on making these nectarine puff pastry tarts with the fresh nectarines that I got from the online grocery shop.

I still would like to spend more time in the kitchen – really embracing that inner chef and restaurant owner, but I also realize that part of my journey is helping others.

I feel like it’s a true honor for a person to discover their soul purpose and how they can contribute to the world. And that’s why I will keep this business going for as long a I can support others in their own self-discovery and manifestation journeys.

The best part is that when you find your authentic self and life purpose, everything in your life will magically sort itself out.

I feel like I’m at this place now. Once I uncovered and embraced my true hippie self, everything in my life began to flow and to make so much sense.

Be unapologetic in your search for your true self. It’s your birthright to live an exciting, fulfilling and rich life.

How can you get closer to that dream vision that you imagined for yourself?

Let me know in the comments!

How to get closer to your dream vision

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