Future-self Friday: How to Attract High-quality Men

Breakthroughs are Magical!

After spending the past year and a half integrating inner child therapy work, I’m now feeling great about myself!

I feel confident, lovable and I’m totally tuned into my feminine side.

If you’re wondering about how this shift impacted my dating life, let me explain.

In the past, I used to always attract emotionally unavailable men and not only that, I would even find them appealing.

Of course this goes back to a toxic childhood experience and everything that comes as a result of it.

As an adult, I was always seeking validation from the outside world and this included men.

I was getting ghosted because I didn’t feel worthy or lovable.

The journey to get to where I am today was long but let me sum it up for you.

Therapy is not the Answer

I can tell you that although doing inner child therapy work helped me let go of my past and move on, it had nothing to do with feeling confident and worthy.

In fact, right after an intense inner child group therapy workshop in the winter of 2019, I manifested someone through a matchmaking agency who later ghosted me!

Like you, I was so confused because I thought that once I did inner child therapy work, everything would be fixed and I would no longer attract these low quality men.

The truth is, that feeling worthy and confident comes from a different type of work.

It comes from truly knowing your worth and loving yourself. Plus, releasing your limiting beliefs and blocks to love.

What has Really Helped me Shift my Dating Patterns

Today, I’m a magnet to high quality men everywhere I go. Whether it’s at the grocery store, the local cafe or through my matchmaking agency.

My vibration has shifted dramatically from attracting emotionally unavailable and insecure men to manifesting high quality and emotionally healthy types.

What I did was basically spend the past year and a half loving myself and prioritizing my self.

I also cut ties with people who weren’t aligned with this new confident and emotionally-healthy version of myself. These included friends.

Another thing that I did was clear the cache from old energy. This means that I got off of the only free dating app that I was on and I stopped engaging with toxic and low quality men.

You can read about clearing the cache in this blog post on my other blog Saudi Diva.

Pro Tip: I decluttered and cleared my entire wardrobe from old stuff that carry old energy.

This is a way to create space for new positive things to come into your life and it really works!

What you can do Now

The good news is that you don’t have to spend eighteen months integrating inner child therapy work or loving yourself and putting yourself first.

Instead, you can work with an NLP-certified coach who has been on this journey and created the shifts!

With the help of NLP timeline tools, I can support you in releasing your blocks and limiting beliefs and eventually shifting your old dating patterns.

I blend NLP, spirituality and the law of attraction in my coaching. Plus, I can support you with the modern day dating rules!

Basically, I’m a spiritual life coach who is certified, has done the work on themselves and who applies everything to the physical world.

My coaching style is truly unique because most coaches are either spiritual and talk about the law of attraction from a conceptual way only or they are completely disconnected from the spiritual world. I blend both!

If you feel called to work with a certified coach who can help you shift your self-sabotaging patterns and habits, feel free to contact me or book a session here.

Do you feel like you constantly attract emotionally unavailable men? men who ghost? men who disappear?

I was there too and I know how it feels. So let me support you in creating a magical life and manifesting a healthy and loving relationship.

Which stage of the soulmate manifestation process are you at? what are you struggling with when it comes to manifesting a partner? let me know in the comments!

How to attract high quality men

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