Future-self Friday: How does your Future Self Live and Feel?

New Month, New Beginnings

I’m feeling optimistic about 2024 in general because I’m taking inspired action towards manifesting the relationship of my drams. But that’s not the only reason I’m feeling good about the new year.

Another major reason that I’m excited is because I plan to make a couple of trips to SEA countries and to connect with friends.

And this is exactly the topic of today’s blog post. It’s about living your best life now and not waiting to be in a relationship to do so. And believe me, I know that the latter feels like!

How I spent my Bali Move

I shared about how I spent six months in Bali as part of manifesting my dream person – and I didn’t meet anyone. LOL

I also shared about how my six months in Bali unfolded in the most magical way. The move was full of healing and connection moments and opportunities.

Last week’s Future-self Friday blog post was about how manifestation is directly connected to who you are being as a person.

You can read this story about how we generally manifest what we need, as opposed to what we really want.

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So, although I know very well what my hobbies are and how I like to spend my time, I spent more than half of my Bali trip waiting for someone to join me in those activities.

What I mean by that is that I didn’t really do the things that I enjoy, like trekking, hiking, going out for drinks until the last part of my six-month stay. That’s because I was tired and fed up of doing everything on my own!

Then I remembered that if I want to manifest my dream relationship, I need to be aligned with it. And this means doing the things that I would be doing when with my person and feeling good.

How is this Connected to Manifesting your Dream Person?

For example, I enjoy trekking and hiking. But because of an IPL laser hair removal incident and feeling fed up of doing everything alone, I wasn’t doing any trekking or hiking in the first four or even five months!

It wasn’t until my last five weeks (of which I spent a month in Ubud) that I started trekking and hiking.

This applies to many other activities that you might enjoy doing but are postponing for when you meet your person.

Well, if you want to be in the right energy to attract your person, then you need to start doing these things now.

Because waiting to be with your person means that you still don’t have them and this energy repels your manifesting.

To line up with your dream life means that you must live as if you already have your desire and dream life.

So, if you enjoy trekking and hiking, make plans to do that activity now. You can always join a group or go with friends.

Another activity that I enjoy doing and I always engage in is cooking. I wrote a recent blog post on Saudi Diva about this. You can read the story here.

Travel is another thing that I truly enjoy and that I plan to continue doing in 2024. Although I don’t want to travel solo anymore, I know that I have to keep traveling to be in the energy of my dream life.

The good thing about solo travel is that you can make new friends and meet new people if you’re open to it.

I’m already starting to daydream about my 2024 trips to a new SEA country. I’ll reveal details once I’m there.

If you love travel and can afford it, then I suggest that you book your next trip and don’t wait to be in a relationship.

How does your future self live and feel? Is she traveling, making memories and living life to the fullest? If so, then start planning, booking, having adventures and simply living life to the fullest.

I’ll end the post here because I want to start researching and planning my trips for 2024.

Happy Friday and sign up to the blog for updates on new posts and on the ebook release date.



Future-self Friday
Future-self Friday









Future-self Friday

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