FUTURE-SELF FRIDAY: How does your Future Self Feel?

If you’re feeling confused and emotional these days, trust that it’s because we’re in the middle of a solar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde period. Things will only get back to normal at around July 7 so be prepared for a lot of growth and shedding.

I personally have been dropping things and doing clumsy things for the past week or so. I can feel that the energy is really intense these days and everything is coming to the surface.

I wanted to share a very important tip that also relates to manifesting a partner.

It’s something that I was doing wrong and I just lately started to shift in my life.

How you Feel when Manifesting a Partner

When manifesting using the law of attraction, vibration is everything. So how you feel truly determines the things that you attract in your daily life.

Most of us start by setting a clear intention and take inspired action. So we feel very confident when we start the manifestation process. Then, when time goes by and we don’t see our person showing up, we start to feel anxious and worried.

I’m guilty of this too. Although I constantly see evidence about my soulmate dream life, I still felt anxious and concerned about him showing up.

Even worse, I would spend my time planning and thinking of what I could be doing wrong in my manifesting.

If you’re going through these feelings now, then you’re basically slowing down the process and possibly even blocking your person from showing up.

I know it’s easy to worry and think that your desire is not coming to you, but when you follow the manifestation steps and start to see evidence in your life, you start to lean into trust more.

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Apart from trusting the process and enjoying the journey, you also want to be mindful of the vibration that you’re emitting. Are you always in panic mode or feeling anxious and stressed out?

To help you understand this concept, simply think of how your future self – the version of you that already has a partner – feels. Is she feeling anxious and worried all the time? or is she feeling bliss, joy and calm?

I can assure you that when you match your vibration to that of your future self, things start to shift for you faster.

Another thing that you can do is think about how does that future self live? Is she barely surviving or is she thriving in life? Is she spending her time in planning or is she already living her best life? Is she feeling confident and secure or does she feel unworthy and unlovable?

All of these questions can help you figure out whether you’re living from a positive vibration that attracts all great things to you or not.

I can tell you that I used to always be in planning mode. And with that state of being, came a lot of anxiety and stress.

I would be missing out on the present moment, because I was constantly dreaming about the future.

Although I still plan things – like future trips – I’m also living my best life in the present moment.

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I want to end this blog post by sharing that your future self is the most authentic version of you. It’s the one that was always there before the family and societal conditioning took over. It’s your true self when you do the inner work to shed the layers of conditioning and limiting beliefs.

In this blog post, I talk about ‘acting as if’ when manifesting a partner. And although most law of attraction experts will advise you to do this to manifest faster, I can tell you that it’s really tough to do this before doing the inner work.

I can honestly tell you that acting as if you already have your partner and dream life is the last stage of manifestation!

And that you can’t jump to that stage without doing the inner work to release your limiting beliefs and building your self-worth and confidence.

These days, I find it easy to live my best life and act as if I already have everything that I want. But it’s only because I invested time, energy and money into releasing my limiting beliefs and uncovering my true, authentic self.

Your future self is waiting for you to line up with it so that you can have everything that you want.

Are you ready to connect with it and manifest your dream life and partner?

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