FUTURE-SELF FRIDAY: Full Moon Eclipse Insights

There’s an intense energy these days, with the full moon and lunar eclipse happening at the same time. We also have Mercury Retrograde starting tomorrow and lasting until the 22nd of June.

If you want to know more about what you can do in this powerful season and how it can help you up-level spiritually and manifest faster, check out this blog post.

I’ll keep this blog post short, because I’m also experiencing this intense energy and it feels challenging to write and be productive.

How does your Future-self Feel?

In the weeks leading up to this Full Moon, I had a powerful insight about my marketing strategy.

I realized that I was investing a lot of time and energy into Instagram and I wasn’t getting anything in return.

I also feel that the platform isn’t really aligned with my energy. Instagram is a place where people compare their lives with others and where they spend incredible amounts of time basically doing nothing useful.

Because I invest in raising my vibration with consistent, daily alignment practices and rituals, I discovered that the platform actually has a negative impact on my wellbeing and emotional health.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, my time is so valuable and I now understand that Instagram wasn’t the right marketing strategy for my business.

This means that I’m no longer trying to please anyone or be everything for everyone.

I’m a writer and a blogger and I enjoy using Twitter and Facebook – to a limited time.

But mostly, my website is my best marketing strategy and will always be.

I also got the most inquiries and coaching clients from my website. So it’s proof that I should invest all of my time an energy here and not on social media platforms that drain one’s energy!

This decision is so important for getting to the next level of my soul – basically my future self.

Because feeling confident and worthy means that I’m no longer vibrating at that old frequency that tries to please everyone.

I also realized that my brand is not about providing free content 24/7. That’s not what my soul essence or brand is about!

I enjoy sharing my insights on my blog and website. But social media is only a tool to market these insights and articles.

All of this is part of the entrepreneurial journey and really discovering what marketing strategy works for me and my brand best.

I’m actually enjoying this stage of being an entrepreneur because I know that making mistakes actually teaches us more lessons than doing things right from the start.

I’m also starting to work with a coach for my upcoming book about manifestation and so my time and energy is so precious.

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Why is your Future-self Important for Manifestation?

If you think about your dream life and your dream partner, I can tell you that the version of you that has that dream partner is not the same as the one you are today.

Why? because if you were already there, you would have that dream life and dream partner by now.

And I say this because I’m also working on up-leveling to her. That confident and secure woman who knows her worth and value.

She’s not trying to please anyone other than herself. She’s not trying to be everything for everyone. And she’s definitely not sharing her daily life and behind the scenes on a platform that’s made to make others feel bad about themselves and their lives.

Instagram is a low vibration app and I’m so happy that I decided to stop creating content on there.

Now it’s over to you, how does your future-self think, act and feel?

Does she feel confident? or is she insecure? Does she spend hours in front of the mirrors looking for flaws in her face or body? or does she embrace all of these flaws and loves her looks and her body exactly the way it is?

Does she try to impress on Instagram? or is she feeling confident from within?

Does she spend her days and nights checking Instagram stories and comparing herself and her life with others? or is she busy investing in herself with time, energy and money to get closer to manifesting her dream life?

Is she following the masses? or does she create her own reality?

Is she following the news and getting impacted by the outside world? or does she realize her power and sets intentions and takes inspired action to manifest her dream life and partner?

What you can do Now

If you feel that you’re just surviving and not thriving. If you feel stuck or hopeless. If you suffer from debilitating anxiety or depression. I can tell you that I’ve been through all of these emotions and I can assure you that there’s a way out for you too.

My one-on-one coaching blends NLP, spirituality and the law of attraction to help you manifest your dream job, house, country move or man.

I’ve helped many women do exactly that and you can read the success stories here.

I have limited spots for June, so get in touch if you feel ready to work with a certified coach who understands what you’re going through and who has been in your shoes for about a decade or so.

Full Moon Eclipse Transformation

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