Future-self Friday: Feel Good Now to Manifest your Dream Life!

I’ve been mostly active on my other blog – Saudi Diva. Here’s a recent post that I wrote about living your best life now and not waiting to meet your person.

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On that same night, when I went out for amazing soul live music at a newly opened speakeasy bar, something interested happened.

There were so many synchronicities. The singers performed all of my favorite love songs and they even sang Janet Jackson’s ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’. There were a few couples dancing and we were truly immersed in the vibration of love.

Right next to our table was a group of single women. How did I know they were single? They emitted a very low vibration and looked miserable!

Their vibration and energy was oozing feeling unworthy and unlovable. It was so strong that I didn’t want to look at them.

The interesting thing is that they were looking at me in a surprised way – because I seemed so happy and fulfilled.

What they don’t know or realize is the amount of effort, time and energy it took for me to get to this place of feeling content and happy. My journey to getting back to myself and making peace with being single took around six years and is still ongoing.

These women basically represented my old, unhappy, unhealed self. I feel compassion for them and I wish them all the best.

The truth is that until you feel happy and fulfilled on your own, it will be impossible to manifest a healthy romantic relationship. I know that this statement sounds cliche but it’s true.

High quality men are attracted to happy women. They don’t want to take the responsibility of making you happy – only happier.

Apart from doing all types of healing work, another way to tune into this vibration of self-actualization is by feeling that you already have your dream life and person.

Whatever that dream life looks like for you, try to live as close to it as you can. This way, you won’t feel the separation and you will feel as though you already have it.

Try to bring awareness to your thoughts and self-talk. Are you living from your old, single self? Do you feel like you’re constantly feeling the lack of the relationship in your life? Are you focused on the lack?

Another way to get closer to the state of feeling good is to feel the closure and relief of already having your person.

How would you talk, walk and feel if you already had your dream life and relationship? Start walking, talking and feeling that way now.

How would you engage with others and the world if your wish was fulfilled? Would you be feeling bitter or angry?

That’s it for this post but I plan to be consistent with two blog posts a week on this site. So stay tuned!




Feel good now

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