FUTURE-SELF FRIDAY: Explore and Find your Hobbies

I was attending an SRT weekend workshop back in 2013 in my old neighborhood. A lady who was a participant and a facilitator at the wellbeing center told me something that I still remember to this day.

She said: “You will meet your person when you find your hobbies.”

Just for reference, she was newly married and it was a love marriage.

Since then, I explored various types of fitness classes and joined a few communities that revolve around writing and other interests.

I was doing it to explore and find myself – not because I was following her advice or words.

I can honestly tell you that it took me about a decade to get clarity about my interests and hobbies.

After joining a Zumba group on and off for a couple of years, I still enjoy dance cardio but I only do at-home classes in Dubai. When in Bali, I don’t mind joining group dance cardio classes.

I also knew I always enjoyed writing and blogging. I just started working with a coach on my upcoming book about manifesting a partner. You can sign up to the book’s newsletter here.

As a spiritual coach, meditation and spiritual growth are obviously big passions for me. That’s how I live on purpose.

A new hobby that I discovered in the past year is cooking. I’ve always practiced and enjoyed cooking.

What changed is that the past year gave me the head space and time to really hone in on my cooking skills.

I’m proud to say that I now have specific vegetarian dishes that I like to make and I’m good at.

All it took was practice and consistency. Because I have a meal plan delivery for five days a week, the only time I had to test new recipes was over the weekend. And I think that’s what slowed down my learning process and journey.

If you’re into cooking and are still practicing to get better at it, I can tell you that you will get better with practice and consistency.

Cooking is something that I really look forward to every weekend. I enjoy the entire process from looking for recipe ideas, going grocery shopping and planning my meals and snacks. And then of course making the dishes and improving them with each trial.

I’m also planning to get into baking more. Although I had a couple of not so great attempts, I feel confident that I can get better at baking with practice. Just like I did with my cooking skills.

I shared with you the story to encourage you to explore and find your hobbies. And that’s a major part of finding your true self and identity.

As a final note, I want to add that your partner doesn’t have to share your hobbies or interests at all.

The main thing is to have shared values, future goals, lifestyles and communication styles.

I hope that my story inspired you to start exploring your hobbies and getting closer to finding your person.

Let me know where you are in your self-exploration journey!

Explore your hobbies and interests

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