Future-self Friday: Embrace the Uncertainty

Happy Friday!

It’s really interesting how people are looking for answers as to when they can travel again or when this will all be over so they can return to normal life.

While I also miss going for long walks – especially when the weather was nice – that’s not the point of the pandemic!

The whole point of what we’re all going through is to take us to the next level of our consciousness. And this is different for everyone depending on where you are in your spiritual awakening path.

Why don’t you try embracing the uncertainty for a while?

Instead of thinking of what will happen next or how things will change after this, why not be totally present in the moment and accept it for what it is?

There are so many ways in which this pandemic can help us evolve and I’ll be writing a post soon about the positives that this season has brought into my life.

One major opportunity for growth is how you can let go of control and lean into trust and surrender.

It’s such a beautiful way of being to release wanting to control life’s outcomes and just accept whatever comes your way.

I totally understand your desperate need to control everything because I used to be like that too.

I thought that if I didn’t take matters in my own hands, then the past would repeat itself and that won’t be a pleasant experience at all!

While it’s true that we need to take inspired action and set intentions, it’s also important to let go of wanting to control how everything turns out to be.

And I’m not talking about manifestation here. I’m referring to the daily life decisions and actions.

Let me give you an example. I have three flights booked to Italy this year (that I booked way before this whole thing started) and all I do is stay updated with the news to see what I can do next.

I make sure to be informed of the latest news updates and the rules for changing the tickets.

I don’t know if I will get to travel anywhere this year. Most likely it won’t happen.

And instead of thinking forward to when I’ll be able to travel and dwelling about the fact that 2020 was supposed to be my year of travel, I just leave the situation to unfold naturally.

I have future plans but they are not fixed plans and that’s a good thing!

Because when you leave space for mysterious things to unfold, that’s when you can allow new things and magic into your life.

Like I wrote in a previous post, this sudden change is giving me a lot of time to refine my trip and discover new, exciting things to do.

I actually see this pandemic as a blessing because it’s definitely forcing me to think, act and do things differently and that’s what it takes to evolve and grow!

Most people are not there yet. They are stuck in the future planning and thought process.

And while planning is important, you don’t need to spend your entire waking time in planning and thinking mode!

Because when you’re in that planning/thinking/doing mode, you are actually stuck in your own thought process and this is related to old programs and it won’t take you anywhere amazing!

I invite you to practice meditation, mindfulness in each moment and to embrace the uncertainty that we are presented with in these trying times.

Once you practice embracing the uncertainty that you don’t know what’s going to happen next and are 100% OK with that, you will start to align with your higher self and you will attract opportunities and ideas that are magical!

Even if our lives have changed forever. That’s another thing to accept and embrace as well.

I personally don’t mind ordering everything online as this habit is saving me so much time and helping me focus on my projects.

Even if I only get to go for long walks and won’t be able to attend a dance fitness or other type of group exercise class anytime soon, that’s also great! because practicing mindfulness while walking brings me so much peace and joy!

The point is that there’s always a positive perspective for each ‘after the pandemic’ situation or story.

What’s important is for you to take this as a great opportunity to release all of the old habits and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Starting with: ‘what’s going to happen next?’

Why don’t you try living in the present moment for a change? just trust that everything is unfolding in your best interest.

Practice being in the here and now. Not in the future and not in the present. Embrace the unknown and welcome it with open arms.

Try accepting and allowing, instead of anticipating and thinking.

Try it and watch what happens and how your life unfold in the most beautiful and magical way!

Embrace the uncertainty

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