Dating Sunday: Why Following the Dating Rules Means Less Matches and How that’s a Good Thing!

In last week’s Dating Sunday blog post, I shared about how it took me five years of intense inner work to shift my attraction from toxic to secure men. You can read that article here.

While I’m not saying that it will necessarily take you five years to start attracting emotionally healthy men, I believe that you need to do some work to let go of your limiting beliefs and old patterns. The timeline will depend on how toxic your childhood was 🙂

I say this with a smile because once you do the deep work, everything shifts and you totally forget about that horrible childhood or dysfunctional family dynamic you were raised in.

The Dating Rules

I’ve shared some of the dating rules in previous Dating Sunday blog posts. You can have a look and comment with your thoughts. This one is a life-saver and is one of the basic ones that we don’t follow naturally because it’s counter-intuitive.

While I shared the main ones, there are so many other smaller ones that are really helpful. The thing is, I can’t share them all on the blog because they shouldn’t be revealed to men!

You can’t follow the rules and tell a man about them. You just follow them and watch the powerful results.

What these rules do is filter out the men who are not serious and are not looking to commit.

So by following these rules to a T – and I really mean this – you will protect yourself and heart from being hurt.

The players and toxic types will either not approach you or will get bored and naturally fade away.

How? The dating rules are all about acting like a high-value woman – which you are – and acknowledging your worth and value.

So when a man who wants to waste your time shows up, you will do certain things that position you as a high-value woman.

If he’s into playing and wasting your time, he won’t stay for long. Because the rules are created in a way to only allow commitment types into your life.

Honestly, the dating rules are the best thing that I discovered last year – at the start of the pandemic.

Following the Dating Rules Means Less Matches and that’s a Wonderful Thing!

I wrote this earlier post about how setting high standards when dating also means less matches.

I can tell you that since I discovered and started following the dating rules – which also mean setting high standards for what I will tolerate and accept when dating – my life has never felt so much better!

Not only do I only attract emotionally healthy and secure men, I also find it super easy to let the toxic and time-wasters go!

Because setting high standards and boundaries for yourself will guarantee that only the serious types will come your way.

And I have to share that this also means that there will be long periods of not attracting anyone into your reality and that’s still progress!

The reason for this is that when you don’t attract time-wasters and toxic men, you have space to love yourself and build your self-worth even more. So that the next time you match with someone, it will be a piece of cake to know whether to keep chatting with him or to let him go.

This is all thanks to respecting yourself and acting like the high-status woman that you are.

The dating rules are the main thing that’s helping me get closer to manifesting my person. But if you don’t do the inner work to build your self-worth and confidence first, you won’t be able to follow the dating rules at all!

And I truly believe that this is why I only discovered them last year – after doing all the deep inner work.

When I discovered these rules, I felt so naive and frustrated at myself for not knowing about them all these years!

I even wrote a blog post about this topic here. And after discovering the rules from an online group, I bought a book about the science of dating and how men date differently than women.

What are your thoughts? Are you aware of the dating rules? Do you follow them? Are you dating without learning about the male psyche and how men date?

Do you want me to share another simple dating rule in the next Dating Sunday blog post? Let me know in the comments!


Dating like a high-value woman

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