Dating Sunday: Which Circles are They in?

This morning, I was contemplating if I should work from home or go to a cafe. Mainly because I was feeling tired after spending most of yesterday doing house chores.

So I decided to meditate and see what shows up. Right after my 25-minute meditation, I heard noise coming from the neighbors. I knew this was a sign from the Universe answering my question about where to work from.

After about thirty minutes of getting ready, I left the apartment and guess what?

The neighbors’ baby or toddler was crying so loud and the mother was yelling at him/her to stop. Then I spotted a maintenance trolly outside the other neighbors’ door. Obviously choosing to work from a quiet cafe was the best decision for me today. I’m so grateful for developing my intuition and psychic abilities in the past year and a half.

You can learn how to re-activate your intuition and live with flow from this blog post.

Because I’m still feeling the impact of the Mercury Retrograde post-shadow phase, I’ll keep this blog post short.

Let me share with you a very important dating tip that I recently discovered.

Finding your True Self is the First Step

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When I was in Bali in January/February of 2020, I met a lady at an authentic restaurant frequented by expats.

She said something interesting that didn’t resonate with me back then and now does.

Basically, she had psychic abilities and she could tell that I was writing a book about manifesting love – without me sharing that with her initially! So her advice was that I should try and meet men at hotel bars and touristy places.

It’s also because she used to work at a hotel and that’s how she met her husband.

My immediate response to her was that my personality is the opposite to mainstream and that’s why I don’t like going to pretentious, touristy places. That’s when she said: “But that’s where you will meet people.”

At that time, I really believed that what she said didn’t make sense. And that I had to stay true to my authentic self to meet matches because I’ll feel at my best.

But after getting clear about what type of person I’m manifesting, I realized that she was right!

Let me explain…

First, you want to find your true self because you can only manifest when you know who you are in essence.

But once you do, you want to get clear about the type of person you want to manifest. Because manifesting with the law of attraction is fast-tracked with clarity.

You can get clear when you meet people from different backgrounds, communities, careers, etc.

If you still don’t know, it’s because you need to meet more people to really know what type you’re attracted to the most.

For me, it’s the creative types. I’m manifesting a creative man.

Why is this important? Because if I want to meet someone using the law of proximity, I will be open to synchronicity when I visit places where creatives hang out.

If I were interested in meeting spiritual types for example (which I’m so not into), then I would stick to places that resonate with my spiritual, authentic soul.

Because I’ve attended so many wellness retreats and spiritual growth workshops in the past four and a half years, I already met men from those circles. I know for a fact that I’m not attracted to these types of men.

This is why I’m now more mindful of being open to networking with men from other circles – mainly the creatives.

Dating coaches will just tell you to be open. They won’t explain it in the way that I’m doing.

I’m explaining it to you from my personal experience, the messages that I’m getting from the Universe through others and my story.

Now tell me, do you which circles/communities your type could be in? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

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