Dating Sunday: When is it Time to Consider Moving Countries?

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Today’s topic is something that I mentioned in previous posts on my other blog – Saudi Diva.

It’s so interesting how the Universe is constantly guiding us and all we have to do is follow the messages and clues.

Since I did inner child therapy work and other healing work like shadow work, I’ve been getting closer to my true self with each passing day. This meant that I changed careers, cut out old friendships and basically started living in alignment with my true, authentic self.

I’m so happy to share that I finalized the cancellation of my life coaching trade license. That business was a reflection of my transition period – in other words – my healing journey.

I’ve always been a writer and I knew that all along. But societal and family conditioning has a strong impact on all of us. And this is why we sometimes get off the path that fits us the most.

Other things that were highlighted after doing the deep healing work is the fact that I’m not a city girl. Although I grew up in a city and I still live in one, I feel most alive when I’m in a coastal town or island. The fast-paced, city life isn’t for me.

Traveling also helped me realize this and I’m grateful to uncover something new about myself with each solo trip that I make.

Last summer, I was having a conversation with a hotel co-founder in a coastal town in Southern Italy. The woman shared how she visited Dubai and was surprised at how it’s not easy to walk from one point to another.

When I shared with her my love for walking and that I like to explore cities by walking, she said: “You’re living in the wrong city.” And this is one way that the Universe speaks to us – through conversations with other people.

The reality is that I knew that where I live is no longer aligned with who I am today. This became so clear to me after doing the deep healing work to find my true self. I was just waiting for the right time to make the semi-move.

How this relates to the law of attraction

Let me share a few important tips about using the law of attraction:

  • You don’t need to be completely living your dream life to attract it. But you must be on the path to getting there.
  • When you’re not living in alignment with your true self, it can take longer to manifest a relationship.
  • When you don’t feel like your type of person is living in your town or city, then your trust in meeting him/her isn’t strong.
  • The law of vibration is more important than the law of attraction. Because if you’re not vibrating at a high frequency (because you’re not feeling great where you live), then you’re naturally attracting low-vibe people and experiences.
  • If you’re not connected to your higher self who’s feeling great and vibrating high, manifesting a relationship can be challenging.
  • If you’re not living your best life (because you’re not happy where you live), then you could be blocking your person.

In a nutshell, your person could be living in another country. Maybe they’re living in another city or town.

When you choose to relocate to another city or even country, you’re doing this for two reasons:

  1. To feel good and vibrate higher each day. And live in alignment with your true, authentic self. Which helps you become more magnetic.
  2. To be surrounded by types of men who you’re attracted to and raise your trust in the manifestation process. And this makes you more magnetic too!

I’ll end this post now and stay tuned for a story about the law of vibration versus the law of attraction coming to Saudi Diva blog tomorrow!



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