Dating Sunday: Use your Failed Dating Experiences to Update your Soulmate Wish List

Everything is Happening For You

When my matchmaker was changed after one year of signing up to an agency, the new matchmaker told me something interesting.

She shared that my previous matchmaker told her that I wasn’t really clear about the type of man that I want to date.

This makes so much sense now because when I first joined that matchmaking agency in the summer of 2018, I didn’t know my true self.

I was living from my conditioned identity – the one that was shaped by my family and societal conditioning.

We are all shaped by our families’ belief systems, thought patterns, habits, lifestyles and identities.

As a certified NLP coach, I know that there’s a lesson in each experience we go through.

What my first year of dating with the help of the matchmaking agency taught me was all of the traits that I didn’t want in a partner. And there’s a huge learning experience in all of that.

When you have bad dating experiences, look at them as learning lessons and golden opportunities to update your soulmate wish list.

If you look at those failed experiences from this perspective, you’ll be manifesting someone really compatible because your list is super specific and clear!

How Does Manifesting Work?

In case you’re not aware of this basic law of attraction concept, let me share it with you here.

When manifesting using LOA, you can’t manifest something or someone that’s not a reflection of who you are in essence.

This means that you can only manifest who you are and not what you want.

What you want to manifest has to be part of the real you – your authentic self.

This is why it’s so important to find the real you before you can even consider manifesting a partner.

You want to uncover the real you from under the layers of family and societal conditioning.

To understand this basic law of attraction concept, read this popular blog post on my other blog Saudi Diva: You Manifest who you Are.

There are a couple of ways that can help you find the real you, let me share the main ones:

  • Explore your likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, passions. This is a great way to find the real you but it’s time-consuming. I spent an entire decade doing this on my own.
  • Do the inner child work and other spiritual growth work to uncover the real you. I did the deep inner work over two years with the support of Osho-trained therapists.
  • Work with a certified coach who can support you in a couple of sessions! this is the best and fastest way to uncover your true self and manifest with ease and flow.

Full Moon in Libra Tonight

Full moons are completion cycles and they’re great times to feel your old emotions and release them.

You can do a full moon manifestation ritual by following the practical tips in this blog post.

I personally will be scripting my 2021 travel plans – which include trips to Asian destinations. And this is actually part of my soulmate wish list traits – a love for Asian cuisine and destinations.

Basically, instead of being in an energy of need and desperation, I’m setting intentions from a place of feeling whole and complete.

Now that the Universe has my request and I’m seeing daily signs that it’s on its way, I can lean into surrender and trust.

When manifesting from a place of trust and unshakeable belief that your desire is on its way, you become a magnet to it!

If you feel like you have some fears and doubts about your dream life or partner manifesting into reality, get in touch and we can discuss how I can support your fun and exciting manifestation journey!

My one-on-one coaching for April is now open. I offer both in-person (Dubai Marina) and online coaching sessions.

You can find out more from this site – simply go to the ‘services’ page!



Bad dating experiences and manifesting

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