Dating Sunday: The Universe Sends you Messages Through Others

I had my first dose of Pfizer vaccine this morning. I mainly got vaccinated so that I can travel. I’m feeling normal so far.

Did you get vaccinated? If so, which one did you get? and are you planning a trip anytime soon?

Today’s dating tip is different. It’s more of a spiritual one and it’s inspired by a story that happened in 2017!

Early 2017 – I think it was February – I attended a week-long QiGong workshop in Dubai.

It was when I first started my healing journey and I was attending general workshops and retreats.

At that workshop, I connected mostly with a fifty-something year-old lady. She was a divorced single mom of a teenage son.

We spent all of our breaks together and we were hanging out at the spa a lot during that week. The workshop was held at a luxury hotel in a lovely Dubai area.

I think it was because of her life experiences, but I felt that she truly understood me. We discussed relationships and she said something interesting when I shared that I haven’t met anyone special in Dubai.

I’ve been living in Dubai since April 2010 and we had the conversation in February 2017.

She said: “Well maybe your person isn’t in Dubai. So you need to think about where you can travel/move to and meet new people there.”

I want to add that she also ran her own business in supporting people to get second citizenships and passports.

Although her message didn’t resonate with me at all at that time, I can’t tell you how much sense it makes to me today!

Basically, when she said that I needed to look for my person and consider moving to another country, I didn’t have the headspace for that kind of idea or action. I was just starting with my healing journey and still didn’t do the deep inner work at that time.

My priorities were different back then. And I’m glad to say that they were in the right order. I felt like I needed to work through the issues – and baggage – of my past before I can add to that a new dating strategy that involves moving to another country!

Another reason that her words didn’t resonate with me back then is that I felt that being rational and analytical when it comes to finding love wasn’t the way to go about it.

Now, I believe that it’s a combination of both spiritual/following the signs and using logic without overthinking stuff.

After all, her message to me was a spiritual one that the Universe was communicating to me through her!

It’s just that the timing was too early for me to truly take the message in or even consider it!

What Changed Since Then

It’s been a while that I keep thinking about her words. Not only because I’ve been living in Dubai since 2010 and I haven’t met anyone special here. But also because I feel like it makes sense for me to consider moving to a new country.

A couple of things happened recently that made me really consider taking steps to see where I can move to.

I’m going to end this post here because I have a one-hour foot massage with an amazing Thai therapist.

Let me know if you’ve been getting signs or clues about your love life or the actions that you can take next.

Happy Dating Sunday!

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