Dating Sunday: Setting High Standards Equals Less Matches

Full Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon is perfect for decluttering and organizing your home and space. And that’s exactly what I felt called to do in the past two weeks or so.

While decluttering my bedroom drawers, I found stuff that made me think: “No wonder the man hasn’t showed up in my reality yet!”

You’ll be amazed at what you uncover when decluttering your closet and drawers. What’s fascinating is that this energy can truly block your manifesting process. It’s old energy that you need to get rid of to make space for new things to enter your life.

I decided that I’ll be decluttering one drawer or section of my closet each weekend. It feels so aligned with preparing for my manifestation to show up! So exciting!

Setting High Standards when Dating

It took me a long time to get off the dating app that I was using. I was on and off of dating apps for a couple of years and I can tell you that choosing to delete my account and the app was the best decision that I made for myself and my dating life.

If you want to take the online dating route, then I highly recommend that you explore using paid dating sites and not free apps. The reason is simple. Free dating apps are not good when it comes to manifesting a long-term relationship.

I personally am not on any dating site and that’s because my intuition didn’t guide me to use one.

I’ve been working with a matchmaking agency and I recently started working with a new matchmaker who gets me, so I’m very excited for what’s coming next!

When you act like a high-value woman in your dating life and in life in general, you will notice that the number of matches goes down significantly. And that’s actually a good sign.

Setting high standards and being intentional with who you allow into your life and energy field is so important when dating.

So keep setting those high standards and sticking to what’s on your soulmate wish list. Don’t settle for less and trust that the right person will eventually show up.

I actually enjoy and love the space that comes from not entangling my energy and focusing on the ways that are aligned with my personality and intuition.

If you want to understand this concept of clearing the cache and not entangling your energy when dating, check out this blog post on my other blog Saudi Diva.

Trust that the fewer people you are matched with when dating, the more clear signals you’re sending to the Universe about what you want. And of course, the less mixed messages and noise you send and this is what fast-tracks your manifesting.

Are you setting high standards when dating? or do you spend a lot of your time swiping endlessly on dating apps? let me know in the comments!

Setting high standards when dating

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