Dating Sunday: New Moon Clarity

Today’s Dating Sunday blog post is a spiritual one. There’s a New Moon in Leo tonight and I thought of sharing a manifestation tip.

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Today’s Dating tip is inspired by the law of attraction and being crystal clear on what you want.

In the past week or so, I’ve had new realizations about my dream life and partner and I plan to scrip these tonight.

New Moons are powerful times for setting intentions. There are a couple of articles on Saudi Diva blog about this.

You can learn how to manifest in the New Moon with this practical guide and this article helps you understand how you can script your soulmate wish list. In this blog post, I also share the most important tip to remember when scripting.

You can do a New Moon ritual that resonates with you the most. If you like to write, then you can script your dream life and soulmate traits. If you’re an artist and like to paint, you can use your imagination and draw your dream life.

Whatever you choose do, be sure to tune into your soul and not your head or what you think will look good on paper.

Sometimes, we think that we want something and then realize that it was stemming from our family and societal conditioning. And that if we tuned into our soul, this desire of ours has no meaning or relevance to who we truly are.

What does this mean in the Real World?

Although I’m a spiritual life coach, I like to explain things in practical terms and give real-life examples.

I personally get confused when I hear some other law of attraction experts talk about things in conceptual terms only.

It frustrates me because I want to apply thing to the physical world that we live in and see results!

This is why, I’m going to share examples from my soulmate wishlist to help explain this topic.

Because of many recent updates with the neighbors in my building, I realized that no matter how much I try to live in alignment with my soul and do my own thing, the city life isn’t really a good match for my personality.

I realized that I can start exploring my options for where I can live and where I can get residency in the future.

I’m only in the first stage and this is why having clarity about what you want is so important!

Having shared life goals is one of the things that you need to look out for when dating.

If you don’t know where you want to live in the future, how can you decide on who you want to date seriously?

Although I had a vague idea about where I want to live with my partner, I now have more clarity and focus.

Another thing that’s becoming more clear to me these days is what my partner does for a living.

The thing is, when using the Law of Attraction, the more specific and clear you are about what you want, the faster you can magnetize it.

And this is exactly what I wanted to share with you today.

Are you clear about what type of person you are manifesting? What are his hobbies? Is he a creative type?

What does he do for a living? Is he working in corporate? Or is he an entrepreneur and business owner?

I encourage you to start exploring these questions and find answers to them. It’s OK to change your mind until you are 100% sure. But once you are, you want to stick to that one thing and not change it. Indecisiveness when manifesting can block the process. That’s why you want to be crystal clear and then trust that you’re worthy of your dream life and partner.

This is the main tip that I wanted to share with you. And I know that it’s more of a manifestation tip. But it does relate to dating as well.

Make sure to make some time for a New Moon manifestation ritual tonight.

Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for future Dating Sunday blog post topics.

Happy New Moon in Leo!

Getting clear about your person

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