Dating Sunday: It’s not About you, It’s Simply not a Match

I had a wonderful tarot card reading in February of 2020 with a highly intuitive tarot reader in Bali.

She said so many things that were mostly related to self-worth and self-love. And how that’s what’s blocking my soulmate manifestation.

Her reading was so spot on and everything she said made complete sense. You can read all about this tarot reader here.

What does Rejection in Dating Mean?

One of the main things that stood out for me from that tarot reading was when she said: “Every time you get rejected, you think that there’s something wrong with you.”

She was referring to that feeling when you get rejected by someone who you dated briefly and then internalize the experience.

She continued to say: “You feel that you’re not good enough. That there’s something wrong with you!”

She really emphasized this point and stated that being rejected when dating has nothing to do with my value or self-worth.

The truth is that it simply wasn’t a match. For whatever reason. And the Universe is doing me a favor by moving this connection or person away, so I can manifest the perfect match!

What you can do About This

The tarot reader’s advice to me revolved around loving myself and building my self-worth. Which is exactly what I spent the past year doing.

She said things like: “Get a new haircut, buy yourself roses, buy a new dress, treat yourself to a spa treatment.”

I can tell you from my personal experience that dating and trying to manifest a healthy relationship before doing the inner work to feel confident is useless.

If you skip doing the inner work and releasing your limiting beliefs, you will experience back-to-back lessons from the Universe. Plus, each man you manifest – no matter how close of a match they are – will either disappear or ghost.

If you want to know more about my failed dating experiences before feeling confident and finding my true self, check out my Instagram posts on Saudi Diva.

The reason that I share this story with you is to save you time, energy and heartache.

If you get into the dating scene before releasing your blocks, limiting beliefs and finding your true self from underneath the conditioning, you will simply attract experiences to teach you the next growth lesson.

Essentially, it all goes down to self-worth.

You can try and look at the failed dating experiences from a new perspective: it simply wasn’t a match. And move on.

But I can tell you that it can be really painful and self-deprecating to try doing this when you haven’t invested in the self-worth and confidence work.

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Happy Sunday and happy dating!

Dating and feeling confident

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