Dating Sunday: Intentions are so Important

Dating 101

I realized that I didn’t talk about this topic on my Instagram feed or stories. I guess it’s because since finding out about this tip, I’ve learned so much about dating and relationships.

Basically, I’ve been on a year-long journey of diving deep into everything dating and relationships related. So this basic tip is something that I learned back in 2019.

There’s an in-depth blog post about this basic dating tip on my blog Saudi Diva. You can read it here.

I wanted to share it on here as well since I’m writing a series of dating advice blog posts.

I will also talk about it on my Instagram stories soon.

Intentions are the reasons we choose to do anything that we do. Living an intentional life is one of my personal values. And it could be one of yours too. But when dating, not everyone shares our core values.

This is why you have to be very aware of the other person’s intentions or dating purpose from the first conversation.

Ask in the First Conversation

Any good dating coach will tell you how important it is to vet the people that you meet before you even start chatting with them.

Because if your dating intentions are not aligned, you could be in for a toxic experience that could end in heartbreak.

Whenever you match with someone, especially if you’re using free dating apps, you need to ask them about the reason that they’re open to dating.

It’s a fact that 95% of men on free dating apps are simply looking for a casual relationship or just some fun.

So if you’re looking for a long-term relationship and you match with someone who you are really into, start by asking about their dating purpose or intentions.

And even when they tell you what they’re looking for, don’t take their words for granted. Make sure to observe their actions too. Because their actions will tell you the real thing.

This reminds me to write a future blog post about this dating rule: His actions must match his words.

If you delay asking about his intentions to later conversations, then you could be in for a big disappointment or heartbreak.

Because you could end up really falling for the person and maybe even getting intimate with them, before discovering that all they were looking for was some good times and nothing serious.

Dating Dilemmas

I thought of ending the post by asking if you have any dating questions or dilemmas that you need clarified. Or if you feel confused about a certain situation. Feel free to ask in the comments and I can reply to your question in a future blog post!

Until then, sending you good vibes for your dating and love life!

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