Dating Sunday: How would you Date Differently if you weren’t Afraid?

One thing I don’t get is single people profiles that say that they’re not interested in dating.

Is it because you had several bad dating experiences? Had your heart broken way too many times that you lost count? You value your freedom and independence so much that you’re not interested in sharing your life with someone else? Are you focusing on other areas of your life that you don’t have the headspace to invest time and energy into love and finding a compatible match?

I truly don’t understand these profiles. I see them all the time on a specific social network that I’m part of. The bio shows that the person is single and at the same time, they chose the option that they’re not interested in dating.

If someone has an explanation for this trend, then please comment with the reason on this post. I really would love to know!

Getting Hurt is Part of Growth and Learning

Like you, I’ve also had my heartbroken a couple of times. I know what it feels like to be in love and then to get your heart broken. But I never gave up on love because of this! In fact, this makes me want to continue the search even more!

Why would I think that these experiences mean that I’m not meant to find an everlasting love and healthy relationship?

Each failed dating experience is a golden opportunity for growth and learning lesson.

What each failed relationship is teaching you is a lesson that you need to look at for your next match.

For example, getting ghosted doesn’t mean that I’m not meant to be in a relationship. It was a valuable and important lesson for me to know my self-worth and not try and fit into someone else’s image of what they’re looking for in a partner. Trust me, that was the biggest love lesson I’ve had so far and I’m super grateful for it.

If you look at each one of your failed dating and relationship experiences from a fresh perspective, you will know that they are all blessings in disguise!

The Universe is always guiding and supporting you. The Universe is not punishing you or making your life miserable.

If you keep focusing on the learning lesson in each failed experience, imagine where you would be today!

Instead, most people focus on the loss, the grief, the loneliness. All of the wrong things really.

Yes, take time to feel your feelings and grieve the loss of a meaningful relationship. But don’t dwell over it to the point of swearing off dating and love!

I even got a message from someone on the social network that I was talking about asking me: “Do you still believe in love?”

I giggled, because not only do I strongly believe in love, I even made a career out of it!

How Would you Date Differently?

Let me ask you a question: How would you date differently if you weren’t afraid of getting hurt? what if you were actually looking forward to your next lesson that’s guiding you to your future self?

Would you be open to dating and love? would you be taking inspired action and following the signs to manifest your person? would you be hiding from the world? would you be living like a hermit?

Trust me, I know how it feels to be afraid of getting hurt again. I was there for the longest time ever.

As an empath and a Cancerian, it takes me a really long time to recover after a heartbreak. Because when I love, I love deeply and intensely.

I spent a little over a year being afraid of getting hurt after I got ghosted in January of 2020.

So I know how it feels and I know what you’re going through.

The way to date differently is by focusing on the lesson and the growth opportunity instead of the loss and the heartbreak.

Imagine your dream life and your dream partner. Do you think you will be living in fear or in love and a sense of bliss?

If you know that your future self lives from a place of love and pure bliss, then start dating like that person now.

Stop injecting fear and worry into your dating process. Date with an energy of curiosity and excitement.

Trust that you’re being guided to your person with each match – whether it’s a successful or failed experience.

Trust that with each dating experience, you’re getting closer to your future self that already has that blissful life.

You are being guided to your perfect partner with a series of dating experiences and learning lessons.

If you feel like you’re still too scared to date or are doing so with an energy of fear and worry, let me know so I can support you!

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