Dating Sunday: Find your Meaningful Benchmark

Happy Sunday!

I’m feeling so excited because I’m getting all sorts of signs that I’m close to manifesting my person.

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Dating is a Process that Requires Specific Skills

Dating is not different from anything else in life. You have to educate yourself on it and learn the rules and how you to act in the right way.

Most people just go through it without really understanding the rules and habits of both men and women.

Because I spent all of last year learning about dating and relationships, I decided to share with you my knowledge in a series of Dating Sunday blog posts.

I can tell you that once I learned all about the dating process and how it works, things started to shift for me and dating became effortless!

All it takes is learning the rules and then practicing them.

What this does is that it also makes sorting through profiles so easy and fast! so you can get to your person without feeling exhausted and drained from the whole dating process and journey.

If you feel hopeless about finding your person and having limiting thoughts and beliefs about dating and manifestation, then these series of blog posts are for you!

Let me share today’s tip.

Find a Meaningful Benchmark

If you’ve been dating or even having any type of experiences with men, then most likely, you already have a benchmark for your ideal partner.

What this means is that you already met someone who you feel is a good match – whether things worked out for a long-term relationship with that person doesn’t really matter.

What’s important is that you already have a type and you know that they exist.

Once you’ve identified your meaningful benchmark, the next step is to go out and date to find someone who satisfies it.

You don’t need to keep looking endlessly. You just have to meet one more person who matches the profile of your meaningful benchmark.

This is also called sorting in dating. But when you sort without knowing what exactly you’re looking for, it can be a futile process.

What you want to do is to get crystal clear about the profile that you want to attract. This is the first step of the law of attraction process.

As long as you know that your person exists and that you’ve already met someone who matches that profile in the past, you will feel confident when dating and manifesting your dream man.

Actually, feeling confident when manifesting is a great way to fast-track the process.

When you strongly believe that your person does exist – because you already met someone like them – you can magnetize them towards you even faster!

I would like to know: Do you have a meaningful benchmark for your dating journey?

Let me know in the comments!

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