Dating Sunday: Find a Spot that Resonates with you Personality

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With each passing day, I realize why I still haven’t manifested my person. And it all has to do with spiritual growth and finding my true self.

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How long it took me to find a place that matches my personality

I’ve been living in Dubai since April 2010. But because I didn’t start investing in my healing and spiritual growth until late 2016, it took me a long time to connect to my authentic self.

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So you won’t have to spend a little over a decade to find your true self and the places that resonate with your soul essence!

How can you find a place that matches your personality?

Basically, once I finished from all the deep healing work like inner child therapy, I spent the past two years integrating the process.

Then, only recently, I started to explore different cafes in Dubai that I feel might match my personality.

Of course it’s not all about the concept or interiors of the place. What was more important to me is how I felt when I was there. How friendly and welcoming are the staff? Does the energy feel positive and good?

After a couple of months of exploring different cafes, I finally found my place!

The cafe is located at a newly-opened hotel. They officially opened in mid-December and they serve amazing breakfast and specialty coffee.

From now on, I’ll be heading there for breakfast every other weekend. Feeling blessed beyond measure for this manifestation!

I also have to add that the cafe is located in a hotel that’s on the other end of town from where I live. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by car. I shared this to let you know that finding your place is not about convenience or comfort. It’s about where you feel a sense of belonging and good energy.

How does this relate to Dating?

Finding and connecting to your true self is the most effective way to manifest a partner. Because not only will you feel confident and good in your own skin, you will also feel whole and complete. And when you date from a place of feeling whole and complete, you can only attract positive dating experiences and relationships.

The opposite of that is co-dependency or feeling like you’re only lovable when you’re in a relationship.

You want to find your authentic self first, feel confident and content with yourself and life and then start dating.

I truly believe that when you reach this strong sense of identity and individualism, everything flows to you with ease.

And instead of looking outside of yourself for love, you can effortlessly attract it to you. And it will be the most compatible, healthy and loving relationship that you’ve ever had.

Do you have a place in your city or town that resonates with your true self and personality? What is that place? Let me know in the comments!


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self


Finding your true self

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